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We Have Only One Earth

We love our planet and we want to leave it healty for generations to come. Use products and services that do not kill our world.
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You Are Important

Practicing self love is vitally important. Use products that do not contain harsh chemicals and other unhealthy ingredients.
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All Life Is Sentient

Nobody needs to be part of causing pain and suffering to other beings. There are wonderful product and food alternatives to the mainstream ones most people are used to.
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Scrumptious Vegan Food


100% Plant Based Alchemy Restaurant

mapMarkerGrey 154 Commercial St, London E1 6...


Internationally Inspired Plant-Based Deliciousness

mapMarkerGrey 45 Lexington Street, London, W...


Fresh Spins on Curry House Classics

mapMarkerGrey 58 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E1...


We Can Change The World

We are a multi cause ethical directory and our aim is to easily make available a wide range of ethical alternatives to just about anything. To give everyone an opportunity to be part of this beautiful initiative, we have a free listing option. We also have a premium option which is exceedingly affordable.

We want to ensure that the use of ethical products, food and services are so easily accessible to all that using harmful alternatives would no longer be necessary.

The more global support for ethical business we give, the more the market will grow and the more awareness will spread. We are individual drops in an ocean, but standing together, we can create a a tidal wave of difference. The future of our planet depends on each one of us.

Rest Assured That Ethic Earth™ Shares In Your Values.

We Are A Vegan Eco-Concious Team And Provide A Credible Platform.

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Mink Shoes

Luxury Vegan Shoes and Accessories

mapMarkerGrey 4505 Glencoe Ave, Marina Del R...


Cruelty-Free Sustainable Apparel

mapMarkerGrey 2305 Rockland Road, Montreal, ...

Minuit sur Terre

Vegan and ecofriendly women and men shoes

mapMarkerGrey Les 4 Jambes, 33220 RIOCAUD, F...

Ethic Kids Are Cool

Pave the way for a new generation

Rainbow Socks

Casual Socks and Funny Gift Ideas

mapMarkerGrey 8B/28 Klobucka Street, 02-699 ...
mapMarkerGrey Health 4 All Ltd, Unit 11, Whi...




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Ethic Earth™ News - by Marie Opperman

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” ― Albert Einstein

Bacon And Eggs

Bacon and eggs go together like, well, pigs and hens. But these beings, one dead and the other on death row, are exactly why this breakfast is, in truth, bite-by-bite cruelty.

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Toast Ale

Raise a Toast. Save the World.

mapMarkerGrey 25 Lavington Street, Southwark...
mapMarkerGrey 33 Kennaway Rd, Woolston, Chri...
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Eco-Friendly Home Care

Be Kind to The Planet By Living Greener At Home
mapMarkerGrey 10 Lower Thames St, London EC3...

health and beauty in kindness

Look and feel your absolute best without causing harm to yourself or others


Vitamins and Supplements UK

mapMarkerGrey Unit 32, 22 Carlton Road, Sand...

Nordic Nutraceuticals

Vitamins, Minerals and Herbal Supplements

mapMarkerGrey 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent G...


The World's First Sheet Mask Range for Men

mapMarkerGrey Silveroaks Farm, Hawkhurst Lan...

Kind Care for Your Animal Companion

All Species are sentient


Cruelty-Free Sustainable Apparel

mapMarkerGrey 2305 Rockland Road, Montreal, ...


Highest Quality Supplements

mapMarkerGrey Towers Business Park, Wheelhou...


Vegan Dog Food

mapMarkerGrey San Francisco, California, US,...

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