Who Is Ethic Earth™ And How Did We Begin?

Ethic Earth Is Future Oriented

Ethic Earth™ is a multi-cause ethical directory, and our objective is to easily make available a wide range of ethical options to consumers who might otherwise invest in less ethical products, services or food. We also want to afford eco-conscious and humane companies globally the chance to showcase their businesses to the world.  We want to ensure that the use of ethical products, food and services are so easily accessible that using harmful alternatives would no longer be necessary. The more global support for businesses that provide ethical options, the more the market will grow and the more awareness will spread. The future of our planet depends on us all.


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Our vision:

Plainly speaking, there are too many human beings on the planet to afford irresponsible consumerism and inhumane living. What the world needs is a “Yelp” and an “Amazon” with only ethical businesses, services, food, and products. Easy to access, easy to use.

Where we currently are

Even though the Ethic Earth™ business directory only launched in May 2021, we have attracted over 9000 pageviews of our site in June 2021 already, and have proudly been shortlisted for the Kingdom FM Local Heroes Green Business Award 2021. We are currently in the process of opening an online marketplace adjacent to our business directory and aim to achieve our vision of being the largest ethical directory with a global ethical marketplace in the world within the next two years.

Business owners can list their businesses on our directory for free, yet our premium option which offers premium features, is exceedingly affordable.

 To list products on our marketplace businesses will have to register a premium listing. Products can then be listed at no charge, and a small commission payable on sales through the site.


What can you do?

Are you a business owner? Does your business contribute positively to the Earth and all it’s inhabiting species? Are you running an ethical business that is vegan, or has vegan options? Or is your business environmentally friendly, and contribute positively to reducing a negative impact on the planet? Whichever way you are making a difference, let others know by adding your business to our site.
Are you a consumer? Browse our ethical alternatives and let the business owners know you love their positive contribution by writing and sharing an honest review.

"Enlightenment Is Not Just One State"

We support Businesses that practice the following codes of ethics


A product that is cruelty-free means that neither the product nor the ingredients or components have been tested on animals. We do not consider third-party testing to be cruelty-free. Neither do organisations such as Leaping Bunny and PETA. If you are looking for cruelty-free products, or offer cruelty-free products, Ethic Earth™ is the right place to be.


The official definition of eco-friendly is: “not environmentally harmful”. We understand that not all companies are 100% eco-friendly, but we prefer listings that meet this criteria. If you offer eco-friendly products or options, please list them on our directory so that our consumers can browse for these ethical alternatives.



Sustainability is most often defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. The more sustainable ingredients and materials we use in our products, the better it is for our planet’s future. We encourage businesses that offer sustainable options to list on our site.


Adopting a vegan lifestyle could be the biggest way to reduce your environmental impact, and cutting animal products from your life reduces your carbon footprint on a massive scale. We do not support factory farming at all, and all our listings are vegan. Please report any products advertised that are not vegan to


Green businesses are enterprises that have minimal negative impact or potentially a positive effect on the global or local environment, community, society or economy. A green business strives to eliminate negative impact on the environment, both locally and on a global scale. Green companies are proactively working towards minimising waste, reducing its carbon footprint, and avoiding any harmful practices.


Ethic Earth™ aims to provide informative facts about the economic, environmental and social impact of businesses, business practices, services and products. Not only do we list environmentally friendly and vegan-information oriented businesses, but also offer an Ethic Earth™ News blog, written by our very own veteran journalist and published author, Marie Opperman.

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