Allowed Or Not Allowed?

Listing Criteria For Ethic Earth™


We list companies that do not have products, services or practices that are harmful to humans, animals, or the environment. We also welcome organisations that seek to inform about, protect, analyse or monitor the environment and/or animals against misuse or degradation from human forces.

Animal products:

No meat, seafood or leather and/or any other animal products may be listed or advertised on Ethic Earth™ by means of images, video or description.

Products tested on animals:

No products that are tested on animals, whether directly or through a third party, can be advertised through a listing on our site.

Products that harm the environment:

We understand that not all aspects of ethical companies can be completely free of harm, but try to minimise listings of companies that sell or produce harmful products that negatively impact the environment. If a company on Ethic Earth™ makes a huge effort to minimise other harmfull practices, we do allow companies that use packaging that is not 100% recyclable.

Listing owners get their own personal dashboard which provides:

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