The Peru Adventure Travel Experts – Specializing in custom and private expeditions to Machu Picchu and the Amazon.

For 30 years Amazonas-Explorer has led the way in high-end Peru adventure travel.
Whether customisable small group tours or fully tailor-made, your tour will be operated to the highest European standards using the best equipment available. British owned and Cusco based, our small, owner-operated company ensures you a fast, flexible and personable service. You will probably only visit Peru once, so why not make it exceptional?

Are we a responsible tour operator?
Encouraging you to fly to Peru, with all the emissions that it entails is not responsible. No way around that. But you will probably come anyway. So this is what we do to help.

Certified B Corp:
In 2017 we became the first Peru tour operator to have passed the assessments to be a certified B Corps. There is still only one other. Out of 60,000 companies who have tried across the world, so far only about 1550 have passed. Being a B Corps or Benefit corporation is a promise to use business for the good of the planet and its people.

1% for the Planet member:
Joined 2007 ( first Peruvian member)
Still, the only Peruvian tour operator who is a member
1% of our turnover donated each year to help reforest the Lares area with native trees.
Work with Ecoan, Green Our Planet, and the communities of Lares and Ollantaytambo to replant essential native trees.
Since 2007 we have, with the others in the project, planted over 1 million native trees
Fencing the trees to prevent grazing and promote growth also part of the plan to ensure their survival

We Offset our Carbon Emissions:
Offsetting your carbon is not some guilt-free clause that allows you to carry on producing emissions as before. Everyone still needs to drastically reduce their emissions. But offsetting those we do produce, both during the operation of your trip, and throughout the year as a result of existing as a company, is something we feel has to be done. We work with a Peruvian-based company called Regenera, and the carbon is offset locally, to help preserve local ecosystems. Currently, our carbon is offset in the Manu National Park, the most biodiverse place on earth, an area that drastically needs more protection from illegal logging and gold mining. Regenera works with the local communities to encourage them to act as stewards of the forest and our contribution goes to help preserve this part of the forest which acts as a carbon sink.

Travelers Against Plastic member:
Spend half an hour in Peru and you will see the huge amount of waste produced by disposable bottles of water. Recycling is not the answer. What is needed is to reduce the amount of plastic produced in the first place. We have pledged to work to reduce the number of plastic water bottles being used by travelers. We always provide large containers of purified water from which you can refill your non-disposable water bottle. We also promote the use of UV filters, water bottles with inbuilt filters and spend time trying to convince hotels we work with to make drinking water available, rather than selling plastic disposable bottles. This last point is quite a hard task as hotels and restaurants make a lot of money from selling throw-away bottles of water.

Amazonas Explorer declares a Climate Emergency:
Living and working in the high Andes and Amazon rainforests of Southern Peru for the past 30 years, we have seen, with our own eyes, the realities of climate change. Watching glaciers above the Sacred Valley of the Incas visibly shrink and disappear, seeing dark holes appear in the forever glaciated Ausangate and Veronica Andean peaks, experiencing the lowest water levels, ever, on the Rio Apurimac, epic flooding on the Rio Urubamba, wildlife degradation and systematic deforestation on the Rio Tambopata are just some of the realities we have seen in our own short lifetime.

Standing by and watching it happen doesn’t feel like an option, so it is only logical we join forces with other tourism industries around the world and, today, 09 February 2021, sign up for Tourism Declares

By declaring a climate emergency, we are committing Amazonas Explorer, as the first Peruvian adventure travel operator to sign the declaration, to leading the way in Peru to take purposeful actions to reduce our carbon emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by, at the latest, 2030 as per the IPCC advice.

We have committed to the following five actions:

1. Develop a ‘Climate Emergency Plan’ within the next 12 months, which sets out our intentions to reduce carbon emissions over the next decade.
2. Share an initial public declaration of our ‘Climate Emergency Plan’, and update on progress each year.
3. Accept current IPCC advice stating the need to cut global carbon emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by 2030 in order to keep the planet within 1.5 degrees of warming. We’ll ensure our ‘Climate Emergency Plan’ represents actions designed to achieve this as a minimum, through delivering transparent, measurable, and increasing reductions in the total carbon emissions per customer arising from our operations and the travel services sold by us.
4. Encourage our suppliers and partners to make the same declaration; sharing best practice amongst peers; actively participate in the Tourism Declares community
5. Advocate for change. We recognize the need for system change across the industry to accelerate a just transition towards carbon-free tourism.

Please consider also declaring at, and follow on @tourismdeclares on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin

Our Style:

Safety First

This occupies the top position for a reason. Safety underpins everything we do. We are widely regarded as the safest and best equipped team on any expedition.
We carry an extensive emergency first aid kit on all trips plus satellite phones on all remote expeditions.

The key to Amazonas Explorer’s Safety Policy are our highly trained and superbly motivated staff. The guides make decisions that put safety above all else. These decisions include walking around rapids, waiting out for better weather, route changes and limiting trip participation if the client is too sick to continue. We expect the clients to abide by these decisions. After all it is for your own safety.

Travel Responsibly

We believe this is an obligation, not an option.

Travel Slowly

You may not have the luxury of weeks of vacation, but we encourage you to do a few things well, rather than try and see everything quickly.
Allow space in your itinerary for the unexpected – to stop and chat with the locals, to stop and join in the village festivities, to stop and explore something that catches your eye.

Expert local knowledge

We spend as much time out the office as possible. You benefit from the huge knowledge base this allows us to build. You can find us out on your trips, out exploring new route, checking new ones, staying in your hotels or dining in the restaurants we recommend you.

You get a trip tailored to your needs.

You get guides able to deal with any unexpected circumstances and make the most of any unexpected opportunities.

Great Guides

A good guide can make the difference between a good holiday and an exceptional holiday. Efrain Valles, who has worked with us for over ten years, was voted Wanderlust World Guide of the Year 2014. All our guides come to us as recommendations from our current guides. They are very careful who they recommend.

24 hour back up

You want to know you will be looked after. We live right here, we are at the end of the telephone whenever you need. And we have the expertise and contacts to sort it out.
It is rare you will have to phone us, as our guides are great at solving any issues.

Escape the worst of the crowds

We realise you will want to visit certain “highlights” such as Machu Picchu. And you will have to deal with crowds at these kind of places. While we have found ways to improve those experiences, it is impossible to avoid other people entirely.

But if you allow us to take you to some lesser known places, or use a different route or form of transport to get to semi-popular places, we can offer you some fantastic lower key experiences, that may well turn out to be the highlight of your trip.

Small groups

If you join one of our fixed departures, you will share your tour with between two and sixteen like-minded people. This allows you a far more personal experience. It also allows you to interact with the local communities, rather than rushing through them in a self-contained bubble.

Training and qualifications

We consider training a vital investment to ensure the security and safety of all our trips. We also believe that trained guides are confident guides which help them to relax and enjoy the trip which we firmly believe will massively enhance your own personal enjoyment.

All our guides are all qualified in first aid. We bring instructors in from the UK to run these courses. With all of these organisations we have close contacts and experience this ensures that we are able to organise visits by the Doctors and treatments as quickly and as comfortably as possible.

Here are some specifics:

River Guides
All our white water rafting and kayaking guides hold the internationally recognised “Swiftwater Rescue Technician Advanced” qualification. Staff training on safe river-running techniques is constantly being reviewed.

All whitewater guides are deemed experienced and capable to raft at the high levels necessary on these demanding rivers. All have up to date first aid certificates, have agreed to abide with our commitment to maximum risk reduction and are aware of emergency and evacuation procedures at any point.

Safety cover is provided on all river activities.

Inca Trail Guides
All have the necessary Tourism University degree required to be registered Inca Trail guides. This course includes Peruvian history, languages, International tourist circuits, geography, geology, company organisation and administration.

They have up to date outdoor first aid certificates and a working knowledge of hypothermia and altitude sickness. They are aware of emergency & evacuation procedures at any point. By trekking the Inca trail in five days this ensures you never camp between the two high altitude passes where altitude sickness can take its toll. This means evacuation is a simple quick and effective operation.

Mountain Bike Guides
All have up to date first aid certificates and are aware of emergency and evacuation procedures at any point. They have a background of biking and can fix most roadside problems. On longer endurance trips a professional bike mechanic and spare bikes are taken as an extra precaution.

All our Mountain bike guides and mechanics are expert riders. Many have won or ranked highly in both local and international Downhill races.

Tour Conductors

All have up to date First aid certificates, ensure the implementation of our risk assessment and reduction policy, and are aware of emergency and evacuation procedures at any point.

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