What Makes Us Better than the Other Roadside Assistance Companies?

It’s pretty simple. It’s our commitment to the environment. Since we opened our doors 19 years ago, our mission has been about protecting you, your family, and the planet. We believe that people and the planet comes before profits, so we became the only certified B Corporation roadside assistance company. And when the other guys were working to shut down bike lane projects, we decided to invent bicycle roadside assistance.

1. We’re America’s only green auto club and we are the only auto club that offers nationwide roadside assistance for cars and bicycles
2. Our nationwide roadside assistance services are 100% carbon neutral, we donate to dozens of environmental causes, and advocate for sustainable transportation policy
3. Wallet Hub ranks us as the #1 roadside assistance company, and Shopping for a Better World (no, we’re not related but we love the name) rates us the most responsible in the auto insurance space
4. We have green travel services and discounts to support your socially responsible lifestyle
5. And, last but not least, we have auto, home, and travel insurance that support your values

We act as an advocate on behalf of the consumer and demonstrate our social and environmental commitment by:

Better World Club, Inc. is dedicated to balancing economic goals with social and environmental responsibility. Better World Club supports a cleaner environment and alternative modes of transportation. We provide our customers with high quality, good value, and environmentally sensitive products and services:

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Travel Products and Services

Insurance Products and Service

What Makes Us Better

Better World Club strives to be a profitable example of social, economic, and environmental responsibility by supporting consumer advocacy, sustainable transportation development, and environmental projects that remedy the adverse impacts of travel. We are not promising the world. We are just doing our part to make it better. Here is how:

AAA is part of the Highway Lobby– the conglomerate of the automobile, oil, tire, and cement interests that advocates for more and larger road building and against the development of infrastructure and safety protections for other modes of transportation, including mass transit, bicycling, and walking.

BWC created the first and only 24/7 nationwide bicycle roadside assistance program available directly to consumers.

BWC is a certified B Corporation.

BWC created the only auto insurance program that includes a carbon offset.

BWC donates 1% of our proceeds to environmental cleanup and advocacy.

All BWC operations are carbon-neutral, including roadside assistance.

BWC supports state efforts to regulate automobile emissions as we face the challenges of Climate Change.

BWC consistently supports the funding and development of bike lanes. AAA has fought against bike lanes and public transit funding.

BWC supports the use of highway tax dollars used to fund mass transit development and maintenance.

BWC supports broad enforcement of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.

Our Donations

Our donations are largely in the form of carbon offsets. Offsets help neutralize the greenhouse gas pollution that is associated with the burning of fossil fuels. When you drive in your car or fly in an airplane, harmful gases (including CO2) are released into the atmosphere. Our Foundation carefully screens and selects offset projects to neutralize emissions that are directly contributing to global warming.

Contributions have been committed to the following projects:

Replacing out-of-date oil-burning boilers for Portland (OR) Public Schools.

Maintaining and enlarging the Greater New Bedford LFG Utilization Project.

Maintaining the Sexton Energy Des Plaines landfill methane recovery and destruction project.

An electrically-charged plasma torch that destroys HFCs in Monterrey, Mexico.

A steam generator that runs on the waste heat from petroleum processing in Visakhapatnam, India.

A separator that turns nitrous oxide into oxygen and nitrogen in Lu Cheng City, China.

Steel recycling facilities in Bakersfield California, where new metal shredders can tackle buses and even airplanes.

Green Operations

Being green isn’t just about spending money on environmental projects. Many things we do are small but they keep our daily operations in line with our public advocacy.

We offset all the emissions associated with our headquarters’ operations in Portland, OR.

Our web hosting is solar-powered.

Our paper membership materials are recycled from 100% post-consumer waste.

We use eco-friendly ink in all of our printers.

Our plastic membership cards are 100% recycled and recyclable.

And, of course, we recycle office materials and equipment.

In 2012, we began offsetting all the carbon emissions from our nationwide fleet of roadside service providers. We also began offering prizes to reward ecologically-friendly towing providers.

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