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Water. The most important and most basic necessity of life on earth. The planet Earth is defined by it. Early civilizations anchored their developing cities near it. Nature thrives in it, and our bodies depend on it. It regulates our temperature, carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells, cushions our joints, protects our organs and tissues, and removes our waste. Without water to replenish and hydrate our bodies, we would survive less than a week. There is the same amount of water on the planet now that was on the planet when the earth was formed. And while 97% of the water on earth is saltwater, 2% is locked up in the ice caps and glaciers, only 1% of the water on the planet is available for our agricultural, manufacturing, and personal needs. A scarce resource, becoming even more scarce as we all compete for this remaining 1%.

BioNova® is wholly American owned and operated. From its Headquarters in New Jersey, BioNova® supports a growing network of trained and licensed Dealers across North America and works with design professionals (e.g., landscape architects, landscape designers, and architects) on planning and implementing NSPs in a variety of settings.

We work closely with our Clients to understand their design goals and desires. We provide detailed drawings, renderings, and hydraulics plans, and our licensed BioNova® Dealers are the artisans who perform the installation of our proprietary biological filtration systems that achieve the “BioNova® Certified NSP” standards.

All BioNova® NSPs are constructed only by licensed Dealers. BioNova® Dealers are provided with world-class training to ensure proficiency in design, planning, construction, and maintenance of NSPs.

There are no chemicals or other devices, such as UV, ozone generators, ionizers or salt systems, used to disinfect or sterilize the pool water. All clarifying and purifying of the pool water is performed entirely by natural biological processes.

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