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Black Sheep is an established studio in Bristol, owned and operated by Paula Castle, with 8 years experience within the industry she is proud to have created a space that is both welcoming for artists and clients alike.

With a beautifully designed interior space, curated with plants that maximise oxygen and relaxation and walls full of art and curiosities from around the world, Black Sheep prides itself in being a safe and inclusive studio with an emphasis on breaking the stereotypical tattoo studio aesthetic.

We understand that being tattooed can be an anxious experience, and that it’s a big deal no matter whether its tattoo number one, or you’ve lost count. We have done everything within our power to ensure the best possible experience whilst you Create Yourself.

Currently in her ninth year of tattooing, Paula Castle has been lucky enough to travel extensively and tattoo alongside some of the best artists around.

She is completely dedicated to tattooing as a culture and lifestyle, focusing on tattoos that are made to last for decades. With her own unique blend of neo-traditional and semi-realism tattoos, she aims for a perfectly healed and timeless tattoo for every client.

While working in other studios Paula realised that for most people being tattooed can be a daunting experience. She struggles with anxiety herself and understands how difficult getting tattooed can be, not to mention wanting to have more personal areas of the body tattooed, and feeling comfortable enough to be relaxed and exposed whilst making the ultimate change to your skin. That’s why she created Black Sheep.

Her open and bright studio is a safe space designed to make the tattoo experience as comfortable and relaxed as possible. And as a close ally of the LGBTQ+ community, Paula is proud to say everyone is welcome at Black Sheep Tattoo.


Paula Castle (Owner and Senior Artist)
Now in her eighth year of tattooing, Paula has worked throughout Europe and North America during her career. She specialises in colour Neo-Traditional tattooing in her unique bold style. She is extremely interested in pop culture work, portraiture and anything nerdy. A huge Star Wars and Harry Potter fan, with a love of Disney, Action and Sci-Fi movies. She is a long term vegan who is most likely found walking the dog or exploring the world in her spare time.

Casey Marie (Junior Artist)
Casey takes inspiration from the world around her, inspired by her Wiccan heritage and fascination with the Occult and nature. She specialises in high contrast blackwork and dot work tattooing. During her time off she can be found spending time with her family, tending to her animal companions including snakes and lizards, and enjoying discovering new vegan foods and recipes.

Ania Bodz (Junior Artist)
Ania is a multi-lingual artist who’s work is extremely illustrative and flows beautifully. She favours working in black and grey and can also turn her hand to dot work and stippling. Another nature loving artist with strong ties to botanical and animal themed work. When not working, Ania can be found travelling with her partner, and enjoying her new home city of Bristol alongside her two cats.

Josh B (Junior Artist)
Josh is a tattoo history nerd, with a love of graffiti art and the outdoors. He has a degree in illustration and specialises in traditional tattooing, although he can turn his hand to most styles. Josh enjoys exploring art and the tattoo world, trying his hand at different painting techniques and mediums from the golden age of traditional tattooing.

Sam Murphy (Apprentice)
Sam is being mentored by Paula, she is not only an accomplished painter, she is excelling within tattooing already and exceeding expectations. Sam enjoys anything leopard print (!) and particularly enjoys tattooing girl heads, pinups and eyes. She is tattooing now at apprentice rates under supervision and guidance, and concentrating on traditional tattooing.

Cameron Clarke (Shop Manager)
Cameron is the back bone of Black Sheep and the person who will greet you in the studio, he spends his days answering emails and managing the social media, on top of looking after the artists and clients in a busy studio environment. In his spare time he is a music producer and enjoys cooking vegan food and listening to a wide variety of music.

Rhi Settle (Junior Artist)
Rhi specialises in fine line and chicano inspired blackwork and black and grey. She is inspired by sacred geometry and low brow art, and enjoys working with the shape of the body to create flow and movement. She especially enjoys floral work and does alot of Graphite pencil drawings in her spare time. Rhi has two very chubby Guinea Pigs and enjoys music and live shows.

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