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Every year the UK uses enough cling film to wrap around the world 30 times. But the world has woken up! We have realised the need to change.



We have all become increasingly aware of the impact of single use plastic on the world. For years we have used it without thought. But now we have woken up to the fact that it is polluting our planet and killing both our wildlife and ourselves.

Bplasticfree was founded in 2018 with one simple ambition:

My mission is that you shouldn’t need to be wealthy to be eco friendly. The Waxyz entry price point is the same as a cup of coffee on the high street.

Bplasticfree Catriona

I am Catriona, the founder of Bplasticfree.

Living on the coast in the beautiful village of Crail in the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland I’m acutely aware of the impact of plastic pollution. I see discarded packaging wash up on our beaches every day as I walk the coastal path, run along the beach or swim in the sea.

But thanks to the Blue Planet the world has at last woken up to a need to change, to slow the throw away culture, over consumption and reduce our reliance on single use plastic.

Following voluntary redundancy from John Lewis Partnership in 2018 I took a holiday that changed my life.

Whilst travelling around New Zealand in a camper van I noticed the popularity of beeswax food wraps. A new and alien concept to me then, but one that I loved and which inspired me.

I resolved that when I returned to the UK I would set up my own business making re-useable wraps – and so Waxyz were born!

I am no eco warrior but the Waxyz journey has opened my eyes and taught me so much educating myself through the inevitable green washing and making simple changes to my lifestyle, which has in turn inspired new products for the Bplasticfree range.

Small daily actions really can really help us cut back on plastic pollution and combat climate change. Take the challenge and contribute to a future free from plastic pollution.



Waxyz are a simple alternative to cling film and foil, perfect for wrapping sandwiches, cheese, bread, snacks, fruit and veg or just covering leftovers

Beeswax wraps without the bees; these unique wraps are both eco friendly and vegan friendly and will help keep food fresher for longer, without polluting our planet.

Our unique reusable food wraps which are designed and made in Scotland, using organic cotton printed in Bradford, Yorkshire.

The waxing process is carried out by Halley Stevensons in Dundee, who are the world’s waxed coating specialists, primarily creating waxed outdoor clothing and quality luggage for over 150 years.

Partnering with them to create Waxyz has been an experience of innovation in action – the Scottish tradition of creating waxed cotton being put to a modern use in creating an eco-friendly product to fight plastic pollution.

Waxyz Food Wraps

Here at Bplasticfree we believe everyone can make changes to reduce their impact on the planet and a great place to start is in the kitchen. One simple switch to reduce your plastic waste is to move away from cling film.

More then 745,000 miles of cling film is used in the UK alone every year, that’s enough to wrap around the world 30 times. As its so hard to recycle almost all of it ends up in landfill where it is estimated it takes up to 400 years to degrade.

If you’re eco-conscious our reusable Waxyz wraps are the way to go.

You can use your Waxyz wraps for so many great things, from wrapping sandwiches, snacks and cheese to covering a loaf of fresh bread to storage in your fridge. Waxyz really are the ideal alternative for cling film as not only are the great for the planet but they also keep your food fresher longer and so help cut down on food waste too.

Our Waxyz wraps are available in 4 sizes, 4 colours and 4 co-ordinated designs which are just as lovely as each other (we have a hard time deciding which to use, daily!) We offer single wraps, different mixed pack varieties and a roll, meaning you can have a few of our favourite patterned wraps in your kitchen

Nothing to loose and a planet to save. Its time to Bplasticfree.

Bplasticfree in the Kitchen

We love our Waxyz designs so much we decided to brighten up your kitchen with a range of T-towels and Aprons in our favourite signature designs and colours.

All 100% organic cotton, printed and sewn in the UK.

Three T-towels and three aprons which you can mix and match to make the perfect combination.

T-towels in Red Leaf, Blue Daisy and Orange Dotty.

Aprons in Red Daisy, Blue Dotty and Orange Leaf.

Mix and match with Waxyz twin packs and our beautiful chopping and serving boards to make the perfect gifts.

Recycled Barrel Chopping and Serving Boards

To compliment our Waxyz wraps we have launched a small selection of eco friendly handmade Chopping Boards and Serving Paddles which add a beautiful rustic touch to your kitchen.

Handcrafted in Scotland from retired oak whisky barrel staves and finished with raw linseed oil our chopping boards and serving paddles are both available in three sizes or a set of all three.

Perfect for presenting cheeses, canapés, tapas, charcuterie or even sweet treats all wrapped in your colourful, co-ordinating Waxyz wraps of course!

To keep your wood in tip-top shape simply wipe clean with a damp cloth after use.

As wood is a natural product each stave will vary slightly in appearance, dimensions & markings.

Handmade Soap

Solid soap bars are staging a comeback.

Since the 1980’s when liquid soap was first mass produced and the pump dispenser was born the simple bar became largely confined to granny’s bathroom and hotel rooms.

But recently all that has changed with swapping to solid soap bars becoming a popular simple and easy swap if you are trying to be more sustainable and reduce your use of single use plastic.

It was one of the first swaps I made.

And so at Bplasticfree HQ, having made that swap, we realised that Waxyz were perfect for wrapping soap and shampoo bars, especially when you are travelling or going to the gym. No more soggy soap or plastic bags. Just wrap and go, letting the Waxyz keep the moisture in.

The obvious next step was to then make our own soap.

And so began the collaboration with OchVegan.

Seascape soap and Vanilla Soap made with ethical vanilla from our friends at Vanillaism .

Our gorgeous handmade bars are super 150g size fantastic plastic-free alternative and will last for months.

Your stunning soap comes wrapped in its very own co-ordinating Waxyz wrap to keep the moisture in and an organic cotton drawstring bag so that you can take them with you wherever you go.

Perfect for travelling and the gym.

Bplasticfree Bathroom

The kitchen is often the first place in the home where we start to reduce plastic waste and rightly so! But the bathroom is also often full of unnecessary plastic waste.
Its time to ditch the bottles and reach for the bars.

We have launched a small, handmade, hand picked collection of eco friendly plastic free bathroom essentials to complement our Waxyz wraps.

Inspired by the sea and our friends at ethical vanilliaim our facial and body soap bars have been made exclusively for us by the wonderful Och Vegan. They smell as beautiful as they look!
To complement our new handmade soap bars we asked our friends at the famous Crail Pottery to craft the perfect soap dishes for us.
And perfect they are.

Dundee, where our Waxyz wraps are made, was once the world capital for Jute. Sadly no more, but a few small businesses keep world of Jute alive. Our environmentally friendly and fully compostable exfoliating bath mitts have been made for us by Jute Jute in Dundee.

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