About BRUSH ON BLOCK® Andrea Wetsel & the Brush On Block® Company

Andrea Wetsel, CEO and founder of Brush On Block®, fell in love with the idea of making sun protection easy and convenient for the whole family after countless applications and frustration with traditional sunscreen. While living in and enjoying the great outdoors in Portland, Oregon with her husband and young daughters, Andrea became diligent about the importance of using sunscreen daily but longed for a better option.

In late 2011, Andrea was introduced to Susan Posnick through mutual friends. Susan is a professional makeup artist with her own line of high-end cosmetics, and as a skin cancer survivor, she was passionate about sun protection. Together, Andrea and Susan collaborated to develop Brush On Block® SPF 30 mineral powder sunscreen, an innovative product that offers the perfect on-the-go sun protection for all outdoor activities, without the messy application.

Housed in a self-dispensing brush, Brush On Block® is resistant to sweat and water and offers broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Since it uses the naturally occurring active sunscreen ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, Brush On Block® is free of chemical ingredients found in many traditional sunscreens. The ease-of-application, instant coverage, and the quality of the milled minerals make Brush On Block® the perfect sunscreen choice for everyone.

While developing Brush On Block®, Andrea learned a lot about the dangers of the sun. “It isn’t just about sunburn,” says Andrea. “When you realize that one in every three cancers diagnosed is skin cancer, you become pretty passionate about sun protection. One person dies of melanoma every hour, yet it is the most preventable form of cancer when proper precautions are taken. Brush On Block® makes protecting your skin easy.”

Andrea has also become passionate about sharing her knowledge on the long-term benefits of protecting your skin from the sun and has worked to make Brush On Block® available to as many people as possible. Today, Brush On Block® is available in the United States and is distributed internationally to Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia and Kuwait. It will soon be available in Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Why Use BRUSH ON BLOCK® Mineral Powder Sunscreen

Brush On Block® is a natural mineral powder sunscreen that offers SPF30 protection from the sun’s harmful rays. It was created to be an all-natural, non-irritating, easy-to- use alternative to normal sunscreen lotions, without the drawbacks. It can be worn either underneath or on top of makeup, and it won’t leave any greasy residue. The advantages go on and on. Here’s more about the benefits of Brush On Block® mineral sunscreen.

It’s Effective

Brush On Block’s exclusive mineral powder formulation is designed to be just as effective as any other SPF 30 sunscreen, including those greasy lotions. It uses natural titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both commonly used substances, to protect from harmful UVA, UVB, and IRA (infrared A) rays.
It’s Safe & Natural

The active ingredients in Brush On Block®, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, are both widely known, naturally occurring minerals. When combined and used as directed, they create one of the safest sunscreens on the market. No harmful byproducts, no adverse reactions—just reliable SPF 30 sun protection.

The inactive ingredients in Brush On Block® include safe, natural minerals and premium botanical extracts. This blend of extracts is formulated to work together to soothe, enrich, and replenish moisture to your skin. They include natural antioxidants, emollients, moisturizers, and anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation ingredients.

It’s the Best Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

One of the major advantages to our special mineral powder formulation is that it’s very skin-friendly. Since it is designed to sit on top of your skin rather than penetrate, like most liquid or gel sunscreens, it will not be an irritant or cause pores to clog. This means Brush On Block® is the perfect sunscreen for young children, people who are acne-prone, and those with highly sensitive skin. It’s one of the most skin-friendly sunscreens on the market.

It’s Kid-Friendly Sunscreen

Not only is Brush On Block® safe for children as young as 6 months of age, many of our customers find it’s actually easier to use on their children than sunblock lotions. Instead of rubbing that icky liquid all over themselves, many kids prefer the ease and fun of our built-in brush applicator. It’s fast, it’s safe, it’s easy to use, and it’s effective. Try it for your kids today.

It’s Water-Resistant

Although Brush On Block® is a mineral powder that sits on top of your skin, that doesn’t mean it will wash off at the first sign of water or sweat. In fact, our sunscreen is designed to be effective when swimming or sweating for up to 80 minutes per application. Just be sure to reapply after you towel dry! Enjoy your workout, hike, or day at the pool or beach with confidence. Brush On Block® has the water-resistance needed to keep up with your lifestyle.
It Comes with a Built-In Brush Applicator

When you order Brush On Block® sunscreen, it comes housed inside our beautiful, premium- quality applicator with built-in brush. Our brush was specially designed to make the sunscreen application process as easy and care-free as possible. Just open it up, get the powder flowing, and brush it on your skin—it really is that simple.

It’s Refillable

Not only is Brush On Block’s mineral powder formulation designed to be natural and kind to the environment, our packaging is too. We made our premium brush applicators fully refillable, so when yours runs out, all you have to do is order a refill. Brush On Block® sunscreen is TSA – friendly and fully refillable, making it a great choice for travel. We’ve made it very easy to refill your own applicator, and this also means less waste ending up in our landfills. Everyone wins.

BRUSH ON BLOCK® Mineral Powder Sunscreen Formula

Brush On Block® mineral formula was designed to provide a better way to protect skin from the sun’s harsh rays. It’s a product that is easy-to-use and effective, without the greasy residue or skin irritation of standard sunblock lotions.

Brush On Block® products contain natural mineral powders and soothing botanicals to protect the skin from the sun.
Ingredients: Brush On Block® Mineral Powder Sunscreen

Brush On Block’s renowned mineral powder sunscreen consists of the following active ingredients:
• Titanium Dioxide (8%)
• Zinc Oxide (14%)

The Benefits of Brush On Block’s Formulation

At Brush On Block®, we created our natural mineral powder formula to bring you powerful sun protection without any of the hassle of regular sunscreen lotions. Our product delivers these great benefits due to its unique formulations:
• No Parabens, PABA, or Phthalates
• No Animal Testing
• Vegan-Friendly
• Safe for Children
• Not Irritating to Sensitive Skin
• Resists Breakouts for Acne-Prone Skin
• Safe for All Parts of the Body
• Natural Botanicals Nourish the Skin

About Titanium Dioxide for Sunscreen

Titanium Dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral compound that has been used as a pigment and opacifier in cosmetics for many years. Because of it’s high refractive index, titanium dioxide makes an excellent sunscreen ingredient, providing protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Titanium Dioxide does not clog pores or cause skin irritation, which make it an attractive ingredient for our natural mineral powder sunscreen.

About Zinc Oxide for Sunscreen

Zinc Oxide is a mineral compound that has a multitude of uses, but has been used as a medical salve since 500 B.C. It is also a common ingredient in cosmetics, where it is primarily used as a white pigment or as a sunscreen.

For sunscreen applications, micronized zinc oxide provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays. When combined with titanium dioxide, the mineral pair provides excellent broad-spectrum sun protection by reflecting the sun’s rays off of the skin. It’s soothing properties combined with its high refractive index make zinc oxide an easy choice for Brush On Block’s mineral powder sunscreen.

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