A Vegan Friendly Leeds-Based Tattoo Studio in Hyde Park & Leeds City Centre.
Providing High-Quality Custom Tattoos, Bringing Your Ideas To Life.

At Buzz Club, our tattoo studio in Leeds, we provide a wide variety of tattoo styles to cater for every artistic interest, with our resident tattoo artists engaged in their preferred designs and our steady flow of guest artists who bring in new methods and techniques. The artists at our tattoo shop each have their own portfolios of designs to work from as well as providing custom tattoos and are happy to bring to life any idea you may have, whether its your first or thirtieth tattoo.


There are elements of the tattoo process where we use vegan products in place of non-vegan products.
#1 None of our inks contain animal fats like many others do. We use Kuro Sumi for our black ink and Eternal Ink for our colours.
#2 We use Hustle Butter Deluxe in place of vaseline before, during, and after the tattoo as it’s the highest quality vegan product out there.
#3 We use Spirit stencil paper for our tattoo designs in place of others, which doesn’t contain animal fats.

Also, all of the energy we use is 100% renewable.


Hayley (Owner/Tattoo Artist)
Hayley ( is artist and owner at Buzz Club. She has a background in fine art and has been tattooing since 2017. She enjoys fine line work and floral designs, while also being interested in micro-realism.

Stephen (Tattoo Artist)
Stephen (@stephen_okane_tattoo) is a tattoo artist originally from Ireland. His work is influenced not only by traditional artists and contemporary tattooers but also by abstract art, architecture and graphic design. He specialises in illustrative tattooing with a focus on depictions of the human face, bodies, animals, patterns and botanicals. All realised through minimalist design, with an emphasis on precise line work and negative space.

Anggi (Tattoo Artist)
Anggi (@five_knives_tattoo) is an all-rounder with an interest in American traditional, black work and dot work tattoos. He has also been building up his work in black and grey & realism too. Anggi enjoys working in mainly black or limited colours, stippling and a mixture of fine and bold lines for contrast. He is Leeds based, and when he’s not here you can find him at Kirkstall bridge inn having a swift half.

Luka (Hand Poke Tattoo Artist)
Luka (@bitchpokes) discovered her love for hand poking in 2018 and has since developed her work around line work, dot work and ignorant style tattoos. She takes a lot of inspiration from faces, bodies and botanicals. She enjoys incorporating AI, intergalactic and dystopian twists into her work. Hit her up for some other worldly hand poked magic!

Dan (Apprentice Tattoo Artist)
Dan ( is our apprentice artist, mainly concentrating in traditional tattoo art and woodcut designs. He finds inspiration through manuscripts, vintage art and imagery, as well as his every day observations. He enjoys interpreting customer requests into a traditional style to create something unique and timeless. Get at him if you like thick lines and good times, he’s proper sick.

Aleksandra (Apprentice Tattoo Artist)
Aleksandra (@aleksandra.tattoos) discovered her passion for tattoos while she was still studying at university and soon decided to concentrate on tattooing full-time instead. She’s inspired by contemporary and abstract art, traditional motifs, animals, human bodies and nature. She enjoys to work with precise linework, fine line and negative space in her designs and especially loves creating minimal interpretations in her own style.

Alexa (Apprentice Tattoo Artist)
Alexa ( enjoys producing work that is aesthetically influenced by both a neo-traditional style of tattooing as well as contemporary illustration artists. With a focus on bold line work and bright colour, Alexa takes traditional tattooing motifs; organic forms, weaponry, portraiture & animals, and incorporates her own illustrative style and dynamic composition ideas. She is also particularly interested in pop-culture inspired tattoos in addition to her love for more traditional themes.

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