At Couch, we make the world’s best guitar straps- stylish, durable, cruelty free- and ship them to your door worldwide every day. Our straps have been on stage and in the rehearsal room since 1999 so we know they work properly and last. We still use our Couch Straps from way back when.

Guitarist Daniel Perkins started Couch years ago because, as a working musician, he wanted a decent looking guitar strap for his new Telecaster and couldn’t find one. He moved out of his Long Beach apartment and slept on his friend’s couch to get the money saved up to buy a sewing machine to get this thing going. Since day 1 Couch products have always been vegan, Made in America, and are often made from found and repurposed auto upholstery vinyl. Today Couch is a state of the art California Workshop where 8 guitar playing and designing friends work together to make your strap, wallet, belt and bag.

Couch is way down the path and solid on our feet with a real vision and history of design, production, innovation, ethical sourcing as well as a strong history of connection with you. Ultimately, Who Couch Is is our connection with YOU. Our saying Factory Floor To Your Door is the idea that you can order the world’s best guitar strap, camera strap or wallet tonight, it will be hand made in the USA by guitar players often by the next morning and shipped direct from our hands to yours with uncompromising quality and a killer price. We thank you for years of history and the chance to continue to grow and serve into the future. The future is now. Your future is in rocking. Rock! Couch.


Cool Custom Guitar Straps for the Rocker in You

You’d like a guitar strap that’s as unique as you are, but you don’t want to pay for an overpriced strap. You want comfort, style and affordability. Plus, wouldn’t it be great if you could work in sweatshop-free as well? After all, a guitar strap is an accessory to your art (especially if it’s one of our custom guitar straps)…the idea of someone suffering incredibly low wages to bring you affordable, cool guitar straps, well it just kind of kills the mood. We make our cool guitar straps right here in California. There’s definitely no suffering taking place, since we love what we do. We’re proud that not only are these gorgeous guitar straps made in the USA, but they’re also vegan. Plus, our acoustic guitar straps are made of upcycled materials as well.

Why vegan?

Several reasons, none of which involving us being weird about it. (See our About Us page). You see, most of our guitar straps are vinyl, which is vegan since it uses no animal products. Yup, completely man-made!

1. Most of our cool guitar straps and custom guitar straps are from vintage car materials, which are vinyl.
2. Not that we don’t appreciate leather guitar straps, but it’s not always the best choice. If you play guitar and you also happen to sweat, you really don’t want a strap material that’s going to absorb moisture, unless you like the idea of growing mushrooms in the case. The hot, moist conditions surrounding sweat-filled leather guitar straps in a case are ideal growing conditions for fungus.
3. Vinyl guitar straps are sturdy yet feel good on the shoulder.

Why upcycled?

Well aside from the fact that we’re using found materials for our acoustic guitar straps (and others), which means less junk in the landfills, you’ve got a little piece of automotive history right there on your shoulder. How about acoustic guitar straps made from ’70’s Volkswagen Beetle upholstery? Bass guitar straps made from the trunk liner intended for a late 60’s Ford Mustang? These materials were just sitting in warehouses, never used, and in perfect condition. Now they have a new life as Couch Guitar Straps. Check us out for your next Fender guitar strap or Martin guitar strap, or whatever guitar you rock, we’ve got straps and custom guitar straps for you..

Vegan Belts, Vegan Leather Belts, Black Vegan Belt, Non Leather Belt…

Couch Vegan Belts have been making woman and men’s belts out of automotive upholstery vinyl for years and are the best vegan belts for the price available anywhere and that’s the truth vegan belts for around 20 dolllars and you get a made in usa vegan leather belt by people who have been making belts vegan and cruelty free since 1999. When we say making vegan belts we don’t mean “making” our belts by getting them shipped from overseas like most of our competitors attempts at cruelty free belts. Our vegan leather belts are made here in The United States at our California workshop. What was the price on that other belt you were looking at? 40-50-60 dollars??!!!! How can they charge so much, oftentimes for not even made in the USA belts? Well we’re not sure:-) What we are sure of is that Couch makes the best vegan belts for your money anywhere in the world and delivers them factory floor to your door every day. And that’s a fact. Built to rock. Rock, Couch.

Custom Camera Shoulder Straps

Like our guitar straps, the camera shoulder straps we make are made of vegan, upcycled materials right here in the USA. Same sweatshop-free, beautifully designed strap quality but smaller, for your camera. Most of our vegan camera shoulder straps are limited edition because production is often limited to what’s left over after we’re done making guitar straps. It takes about 100 guitar straps to end up with enough material for just 4 or 5 retro camera straps.

Many of our custom camera straps are also reversible, and hand-stitched to the same rugged standards as our guitar straps. You know they’ll be strong, since the material is also used to hold up heavy guitars. You know they’ll be comfortable because they’re made of 2-inch wide comfy soft vegan vinyl (this is not a leather camera strap). The wide style of our custom camera straps means you can wear them one-shoulder style without the strap digging into your skin. Wear your camera like a rock star with this camera shoulder strap design that still lets you enjoy the comfort of the two-shoulder style.

Same strength, same gorgeous style, and same upcycled sources: our custom camera straps are quickly becoming the strap of choice for more and more professional photographers who want something more than the Nikon camera straps you see everywhere. Who can resist the idea of upcycled luggage, lovingly crafted into the widest, most comfortable, cool and affordable camera strap on the market. We also make narrower 1.5 inch camera straps and even camera wrist straps and super thin Leica styles too.

The materials: we use a lot of what’s called deadstock. This is already-manufactured material that’s been sitting around often for decades, unused but totally usable. It’s in perfect condition, it’s never been used, yet it brings a little history with it. Take for example our Vintage Auto Vinyl Camera Shoulder Straps like our 70’s Vintage Volkswagen Camera Strap or our Blue GTO Trunk Liner Camera Strap. Or how can you resist the brown perforated vintage vinyl like that found in old 70’s El Caminos? These deadstock materials were designed to make cars look great, so you just know your camera strap will look great too.


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