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Our plant-based pest repellents & deterrents make it easy to keep pests out without killing or poisoning them:
Rodents on the farm
Rodents in the home

Our Products:

Stay Away® Mosquitoes – Insect Repellent
Earthkind’s unscented mosquito repellent is a skin-friendly option for keeping mosquitos and other pests away. The active ingredient is picaridin, which is CDC-recommended. Details on Stay Away® Insect Repellent spray:
Naturally scent-free.
14-hour protection from mosquitoes and ticks.
Up to 8-hour protection from biting flies, gnats, and chiggers.
Safe for children and during pregnancy when used as directed.

Stay Away® Rodent – Repellent
Earthkind’s plant-based mouse repellent, Stay Away® Rodent, is made with a mix of essential oils and other powerful botanic ingredients. Place the pouches throughout your home in areas where the pest problem exists to help repel mice and prevent an infestation.
Use anywhere rodent activity or droppings are noticed.
Fast-acting with continuous protection for 30 days.
100% effective guaranteed or your money back.
Safe for children and pets when used as directed.
Preserves nature’s ecosystem by providing an alternative to poisons, glue traps, and pesticides.
Made in the USA with farm-grown ingredients.

Stay Away® Ants
To prevent and remove ants from your home, place Stay Away® Ants pouches anywhere ants go to find food:
Any place you want to prevent them from entering.

Stay Away® Moths – Deterrent
Stay Away® Moths is a botanic moth deterrent that is made with a mix of essential oils and other plant-based ingredients. Set the pouches throughout your home in places where a moth infestation is currently happening or is likely to happen, such as pantries or clothing closets. Help protect your clothes and food items by preventing a problem before it starts.
Effective against pantry and clothes moths.
Safe to use around children and pets when used as directed.
Fast-acting with continuous protection for 30 days.
Pest control alternative to mothballs, harmful chemicals, and pesticides.
Made in the USA with farm-grown ingredients including cedar wood oil and geranium oil.

Stay Away® Spiders – Deterrent
Earthkind’s plant-based spider deterrent, Stay Away® Spiders, is made with a mix of essential oils and other botanic ingredients. Place the pouches throughout the home in areas previously impacted by these pests to deter spiders and keep them from returning. Details:
Continuous protection for 30 days.
100% effective guaranteed or your money back.
Safe for children and pets when used as directed.
Preserves nature’s delicate ecosystem by providing a no-kill alternative.

Why Choose EarthKind?
100% money-back guaranteed
Safe for children and pets when used as directed
Ingredients Grown on US Farms
1000’s of 5-Star Reviews
Made in America
Easy to use, even in hard-to-reach areas. Simply place pouch and pests leave on their own.

Creating A World of Protection

At the heart of EarthKind lies protection, and we’ve been creating a world of it for our people, planet, and homes since our beginning in 2000. EarthKind has been fueled by the guiding principle that all creatures need protection, pests included, making it our mission to preserve our delicate ecosystem, reduce consumer reliance on poisons and hazardous chemicals, and to effectively keep pests away from our farm equipment and homes without harm. Developing and commercializing solutions around this belief has led to the reimagining of what pest control means. Protecting our health, safety, and property from pests and the damage they cause is easy with EarthKind pest repellents. Killing or poisoning rodents, insects, and our environment is no longer the first response. Instead, EarthKind offers pest control products that provide reliable and effective protection against pests without adding harmful chemicals, plastic packaging, and waste to our ecosystem.

Sustainability has been crucial to EarthKind from the start. We became the first pest control company to become certified as a USDA bio-based supplier, operating with just a 2% carbon footprint, and on Earth Day 2020, we officially became carbon neutral, taking the last 2% of carbon out of circulation through Nori and Harborview Farms.

Our carbon footprint is top of mind with everything that we do, from product design to supply chain management and implementing LEAN practices. Here’s how we do it:

Designing our products using high carbon agricultural byproducts.
Optimizing transportation and logistics by choosing a manufacturing facility strategically located in Mooresville, NC.
Avoiding new construction by renovating an existing facility to meet our needs.
Reducing waste by making shipping cartons that double as point of purchase displays.
Reducing our impact using cloud-based computing, VOIP, video conferencing and digital tools.
Joining the American Sustainable Business Council, aligning with top innovative manufacturers building a more sustainable future.

Commercializing the first bioplastic for the CPG market.
EarthKind’s CEO delivers keynote for ANTEC® 2020: The Virtual Edition – Bio-based Plastics and Revolutionizing Materials
Innovating new ways to meet retail partners across the country with minimal impact using digital connectivity and our unique ‘trade show in a box.’

Bringing our beliefs full circle, EarthKind has created a company culture that extends beyond the business and into people’s homes. Our employees reduce, reuse and recycle at work and at home; many have chosen to create certified wildlife habitats in their own yards. Kari, EarthKind Founder and CEO, regularly opens her heart and her home to empower people with ways to live in harmony with nature via live, interactive video chats.

Together, we are all creating a world of protection!

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