Etiko is an apparel, footwear and sports ball business that has had the respect and promotion of human rights at the centre of its mission since its foundation in 2005.


We wanted to be 100% confident the apparel and footwear we were buying for our family hadn’t been made by a child or some poor worker being ripped off in a developing country. At the time this didn’t exist, so we created it.

We constantly set the bar for upholding and campaigning the human rights of people working in traditionally exploitative industry supply chains.

Etiko is derived from the greek word for ‘ethical.’

With over a decade of sales, Etiko’s products have supported the human and labour rights of cotton growers, rubber tappers, workers in apparel, sports ball and shoe production, and their families. We pay premiums to all of our employees to ensure they get proper living wages.

Our products are produced and manufactured in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Eco-Friendly Fashion That Fits Your Values

Etiko is about living conscientiously. We make decisions and purchases that do not harm people, animals or the earth. Etiko was founded on these principles, and we continue to search for new ways to improve the way we operate.

Ahead of the curve. Becoming Carbon Neutral

Our first CRI report showed that Etiko’s carbon footprint was: 66.48 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. This is significantly lower than the industry standard, but not good enough for us. We are now on track to a net-zero carbon emissions target by 2020 for our entire supply chain. The Australian fashion industry has set its target for 2050.

One of the ways we offset emissions is by purchasing ethical, social environmental carbon credits from Timor-Leste via Carbon Social, who work with subsistence farmers in Baguia to replant trees, improve livelihoods and build village economies.

Organic Cotton

Annually an estimated 55 million tonnes of pesticide is used on cotton crops. This leeches into local water supplies and endangers many kinds of wildlife. We use 100% organic cotton on our shoes and shirts ensuring you only get the very best.

No Animal Glues

No animals should suffer for our fashion. According to the U.N.,18% of all greenhouse gas emissions are from animal agriculture. Choosing vegan friendly apparel options is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Natural Rubber

Our rubber is naturally tapped from rubber trees in Sri Lanka. Unlike petroleum based rubbers, natural rubber can be farmed sustainably from C02 absorbing rubber trees and does not offgas harmful chemicals. The best part? At the end of its life cycle, natural rubber is 100% biodegradable!

Recycled Packaging

We use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified cardboard and paper. FSC is an international non profit that promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests.

Eliminating packaging can be difficult with shipping, that is why we use cardboard swing tags and packaging in areas traditional brands use plastic.

In areas we are forced to use plastics, we make sure it is biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging from Natur-tech.

Even our plastic mail bags are recyclable via the Australia Post Mailing Satchel Brigade program.

Ethical and Sustainable Certifications

In a world where many businesses make claims about the sustainability and ethical credentials of their products and business, Etiko stands out from its peers. Our claims are grounded in global best practice and independently verified.


Certified in 2006, Etiko was the first fair trade clothing company in the southern hemisphere. FairTrade certification is the ‘gold standard’ for consumer and business trust, holistically addressing crucial social and environmental issues in global supply. It enables us to invest in the empowerment of farmers and workers, via our payment of premiums (additional to prices) into transparent and democratically run accounts which producers use to improve their businesses and communities.


As of 2017, Etiko is now a Certified B Corporation. B Corp™ are leaders of a global movement of people using business as a force for good™. We meet the highest standards of overall social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability and aspire to use the power of our business to solve social and environmental problems. We are apart of more than 1,400 Certified B Corporations in over 120 industries and 40 countries with 1 unifying goal – to redefine success in business.


Being a member Social Traders, means that Etiko are recognised as a social enterprise. The value of being accredited by Social Traders is connected to their diligence in defining what qualities make a social enterprise as well as their mission. Social Traders foster growth of businesses across Australia who use profits for social causes ultimately to improve the lives of people, community, animals and the environment. They also foster social enterprise growth by connecting them to the buying power of the Government and the private sector. Increasing the engagement of big business can only help normalise our organic, Fairtrade and sustainable agenda.


For a small Australian apparel, footwear and sports goods business, we’ve received a lot of accolades over the last decade. That’s because Etiko has been setting the gold standard for creating positive social and environmental impact through our business activities and products.



Etiko is derived from the Greek word for ‘ethical’. The business was created to ensure workers and producers in apparel, footwear and sports ball supply chains get a fair go. Delivering positive social impact has been its core business since being launched 10 years ago.

All of Etiko’s products are manufactured by workers in countries and regions typically dis-empowered and exploited by mainstream businesses, and therefore trapped in cycles of poverty. The key raw materials in its shoes and garments are typically produced in ways that pollute and degrade local ecosystems and trap farmers in poverty.

Through its fair trade purchasing model, Etiko ensures that each product it sells reduces inequality and tackles poverty. The business’ commitment to organic and FSC certified inputs also means its products create a cleaner, greener world.

Overall, Etiko’s sourcing relationships with its suppliers rewards them for doing the right thing, helps them grow successful businesses and supports their communities.

Etiko provides its customers with the opportunity to invest their purchasing dollar in these businesses and create lasting positive social and environmental change. It is a scalable business and impact model – more sales delivers greater revenue to the business and positive impact in the supply chain.

Take back Program


Our Take Back Program allows us to recycle worn out Etiko sneakers and thongs at the end of their life. It is our first step towards circular fashion. All footwear returned to us will be recycled via a Melbourne-based company called Save Our Soles. Initially, the returned footwear will be made into outdoor furniture, whilst we continue to assess the best way to incorporate them into future Etiko sneaker soles.

Simply drop off your pre loved Etiko footwear into our shop in Boronia if you are local. Or you can mail them to us. For every pair of Etiko sneakers returned we will give you a $10 gift voucher, and for every pair of Etiko thongs we’ll provide a $5 gift voucher put towards your next Etiko purchase!

How to send us your footwear:

1. Package your pre loved Etiko shoes, and enclose a note with your name and e-mail address (so we can e-mail you your voucher code).
2. Mail your shoes to:
536 Sydney Road,
Brunswick 3056
3. Sit back and feel good knowing that you have reduced your environmental footprint…and then perhaps buy a new pair of Etiko sneakers with your Etiko voucher to celebrate!

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