G&G is a supplement company with a difference.
We believe that quality is paramount when it comes to vitamins, minerals and any supplements. We believe that you should be able to trust anything that you plan to eat, and should know exactly what it is that you’re putting in your body. Our entire range of supplements have been carefully designed and formulated to be the highest quality available in the UK.

In order to maintain our extremely high quality at a competitive price we manufacture our supplements ourselves – so when you buy from us you’re getting your supplements straight from the manufacturer. Our high quality supplements represent a long stride on the path to wellness.


G&G Vitamins is a family-run, British supplement brand and manufacturer, located in East Grinstead, West Sussex. The company was founded in 1965, by David and Sheila Gaiman, and was one of the first in the UK to manufacture multivitamins and minerals. Health and wellbeing has always been at the forefront of what we do, and providing the purest, high-quality, affordable supplements to those who need them is our priority.


G&G Vitamins was established in 1965, by David Gaiman and his wife, Sheila Gaiman. Sheila was a trained pharmacist, and David had the entrepreneurial know-how to build a company from the ground-up. Together, they made the perfect husband and wife team. In many ways, David was ahead of his time. The 1960s were an era of mass production (without much regard for quality or environmental impact), when ethics and big business were an oxymoron, and health fads were beginning to take hold.

David envisioned a different world. He saw how drugs, radiation, and low quality foods were quickly taking their toll on the health of the population, and he resolved to do something about it. He believed the primary purpose of any health product should be that it genuinely helped the consumer, and stood firmly against health fads that were just out to make a ‘quick buck’. Of course, profitability is an economic necessity for any business to survive, but David believed that you didn’t have to sacrifice quality in the quest for viability. That is how the ethos of G&G was created.

More than five decades have passed, and the world is a different place. Much of the planet has woken up to the bad habits of yesteryear. Tobacco use has fallen over 40%, the scourge of plastic bags has begun to be eradicated, and even the world of fad diets is now more grounded in science and research. As a population, we are more conscious than ever of the potential threats posed to our health and our planet through poor choices and inaction.

The changes we have seen in recent years were what David hoped the world could become. As new and exciting technologies were developed David always tried to stay at the forefront, working on better products and better ways to make them until his passing in 2009. Although it has been a decade since David passed away, the family continues to manage G&G, always remembering why David and Sheila started it all fifty years ago – to bring good health and wellbeing to all.


There are currently over 140 products in the G&G range, with many more unique and exciting formulations in the pipeline. We want our products to be accessible for everyone, which is why much of our range is vegan and vegetarian certified, as well as allergy friendly where possible, including gluten free, dairy free and soy free options. The range includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, oils, organic whole foods and botanicals. We also offer multi packs, for those looking for an easy, daily solution for specific health requirements.

Every formulation starts with our in-house Nutritional Therapist, who comes up with a concept based on identifying a need for it in the marketplace. A product takes shape first through vigorous research to establish and compare the effects of different nutrients and botanicals on human health. A formulation is then created, with many factors in mind, including safety, dosage, quality, ethics and customer affordability. Since we avoid tablets, all ingredients must fit into a vegetable capsule, whilst providing the adequate dosage for therapeutic effects. Finding a balance can be tricky, but when we hear our customers’ amazing feedback, we know it was well worth the time and effort invested.

Greener Supplements

G&G Vitamins is dedicated to working towards becoming the most environmentally-friendly supplement brand in the UK. We let you know everything that’s going into your supplements, so why not know what impact your purchase has on the environment. We want to make sure that it doesn’t.

Over the past 12-months we have switched to 100% renewable, vegan-approved energy in our factory and sales offices. We have also reduced our non-recyclable waste output by 10% within this period, switching to fully biodegradable shipping bags as part of this.

As a family company that has enjoyed over 50 years of doing business in the heart of the Sussex countryside, we feel strongly that businesses, and manufacturers in particular, should do all they can to reduce their environmental impact. Over the past year we have implemented the first stages of our plan to see G&G Vitamins become one of the most environmentally-friendly supplement brands in the country.


Our first step was to implement a robust recycling network throughout the company. Simply by making recycling bins available in every area and training staff on our policies, we have been able to decrease our waste-to-landfill by 80% (by volume) over the past year. We intend to continue to improve and monitor this, ensuring our waste-to-landfill is always at an absolute minimum. Concurrently we have implemented in-house reuse of packaging materials, reducing our post-industrial and pre-consumer waste by over 70%.

Our next step was to improve our consumer shipping waste. We switched all of our packaging to fully-recyclable materials from recycled sources, right down to our tape and space fillers. We then introduced fully biodegradable shipping bags, and are continuing to look for other areas where we can use biodegradable materials.


Finally, we have now completed our switch-over to the greenest energy source in Britain. Not only is all of our energy 100% green, our supplier uses wind and sun energy to provide the only Vegan Society approved energy in the country.This means that every capsule that comes out of our ISO Class 8 cleanroom has been made with clean, renewable energy – a UK first (as far as we can tell).


This is just the start. We intend to continue to explore every possible avenue to reduce our carbon footprint and be the greenest vitamin brand around. We’ve already established a carbon-neutral delivery network for our vitamins, and are upgrading offices and cleanroom using the latest eco-friendly innovations. Our goal is to do our bit to help the environment and keep our little slice of British countryside thriving for generations to come.

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