Book your hotels with us, we remove the CO₂ from your trip.

1 million hotels – Comparable prices – All your travel emissions removed

Download the Goodwings app today and book carbon neutral travel on the go.

Same hotels, same price

We offer the same hotels at comparable rates to other hotel booking sites. All you need to do is create a free profile and start booking.

Besides getting comparable rates and free co2 removal of your full trip, we also offer the option to book refundable, the choice to pay online or at the hotel, zero cancellation and booking fees, and world class customer service.

The problem with “green hotels”
It’s a jungle out there, when you’re a traveler looking for a truly sustainable hotel. The problem is not a lack of green hotel certifications, but an excess of them.
According to Green Hotels Association there are currently around 800 “green” hotel certification organizations worldwide, ranging from a local-regional scope to a global one , each with different standards, measurements and validation processes.

We’ll make it green for you
The lack of standardization means that some hotels can be certified sustainable just by telling you to reuse your towels, without adhering to other sustainable practices like offering fair wages to hotel staff, or reducing plastic and food waste. Until we have a global standard with a high level of transparency and integrity, we will not use any green hotel labels or certifications on our site.

Don’t worry eco-warriors! What you will find with us, is a broad range of hotels to choose from, competitive rates and a unique opportunity to travel NET ZERO. We remove the co2 from your entire trip at no extra charge, enabling you to fight climate change whenever you travel.

How it works:

Travel and tourism pumps almost 5 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, and it’s no secret that how we travel right now is not sustainable.
That’s why we’re working to make travel better for our planet, by enabling you to travel Net Zero.

1. You book your hotel – Have your pick from our 1 million+ hotels worldwide. We offer the same hotels at the same rates as any other major booking site.
2. We crunch the data – You tell us how you get to your hotel by using our carbon calculator, and we’ll work out the total carbon footprint from your whole trip.
3. Achieving Net Zero – We remove your travel emissions verifiably through our third-party validated CO₂ removal project. This enables you to travel Net Zero.

Make your business travel Net Zero, for free. Book your hotels on Goodwings and we’ll calculate and remove the CO2 emissions from your entire trip.

We make scope 3 reporting easy breezy with our downloadable travel emissions report and travel management features.

Proud to be a B Corp

Goodwings achieved its B Corp Certificate in 2019 and are proud to be amongst the first companies in Denmark to achieve it.

In order to achieve the certification, the B Impact Assessment evaluates how your company’s operations and business model impact your workers, community, environment, and customers. From your supply chain and input materials to your charitable giving and employee benefits, B Corp Certification proves your business is meeting the highest standards of verified performance.

Goodwings was born in 2015 from the realization that if we wanted both our economy and society to continue to thrive, we needed to change the way we do business.

We wanted to find a way to make it incredibly easy for people to help. Something that could remove all the barriers associated with helping, such confusion, overwhelming choice and lack of financial freedom. We didn’t want to add to radical innovations that – while important – could take years to build and implement. We wanted to look at how we could improve existing services so that people and businesses could have an immediate positive impact through simple everyday actions.

Like booking a hotel.

Today, Goodwings enables Net Zero travel to both business and private users of their services. Net Zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by human activity and the amount removed from the atmosphere through mitigating actions. We reach Net Zero when the amount we emit is no more than the amount removed. You can read more about Net Zero travel here.

The idea of using business as a force for good, as the B Corps do, has therefore always been at the center of attention at Goodwings, why it only seemed natural to join.

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