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We also sell dairy free, gluten free and vegan foods

Welcome to Health Food and More, home of The Kirkcaldy Herbal Clinic and Fife’s go to independent health food store. Opened initially just after the millennium, Health Food and More merged with the long established Kirkcaldy Herbal Clinic in 2007 offering a range of clinical services with a team of NIMH Registered Herbal Medicine Practitioners.

Offering both an alternative to the “modern pharmacy” and “conventional” GP practice, Health Food and More is much like herbal medicine in that it is greater than the sum of all its parts!

We have all the offerings of a traditional health food store with a fine selection of organic whole foods, healthy ingredients, free from foods, eco living products and natural skin care. Big on vegetarian and vegan lines, we cater very well for those who embrace a “plant based” lifestyle….we even stock vegan perfumes and nail polish!

Complementing our food ranges, we carry a wealth of nutritional supplements and natural remedies, targeting conditions and complaints that can be safely and effectively self-managed. For those with more chronic or serious health concerns our Herbal Medicine Clinics run throughout the week and also on a Saturday. You can book an appointment with one of our registered Medical Herbalists and get expert advice and treatment with “stronger” prescription only herbs that are dispensed from our onsite dispensary.

For those wishing to make informed health choices we also offer a range of health screening services. Our Food Detective testing is popular for those addressing potential food intolerance issues, Hair Mineral Analysis informs us of nutritional status and we offer a comprehensive range of blood tests such as thyroid screening, diabetes screening, cholesterol screening etc.

We always try to stay ahead of health trends and continually review and update our ranges, often being the first place to find the newest innovative products.


Health Food and More is Fife’s only Independent Health Food Store and Herbal Medicine Clinic with a working traditional herbal dispensary.

WE stock almost 2,000 stock lines from leading industry brands through to herbalist bespoke remedies. So please do pop in to have a browse or even better during these social distancing days have a look online at our new e-commerce platform. With live stock levels linked to our in store EPOS you can see what we have available, right now.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, remember we are only a phone call away and are always willing to find your item for you.

Herbal Medicine Clinic

The Kirkcaldy Herbal Clinic that operates from Health Food and More is Fife’s oldest herbal medicine practice. Established in 1997, over two decades of busy clinics has seen thousands of clients benefitting from herbal medicine treatments for a wide range of health problems. The founding Medical Herbalist, Keren Brynes MacLean owns Health Food and More and continues to practice two to three days per week alongside other NIMH registered practitioners.

Medical Herbalists have exemplary medical training and it takes four years of studies, 500 clinical training hours and a thorough final clinical exam to graduate. This means your practitioner understands the complexity of medical conditions and can safely prescribe for you.

People who choose to consult a Medical Herbalist often do so because they are feeling “stuck” and not getting better with conventional modern medicine. Doctors and orthodox drugs don’t always deliver results and sometimes you need to look at things a little differently.

Medical Herbalists are good at joining up the dots, getting to the reasons why you may be unwell and then addressing health issues at the root cause and not just targeting symptoms. This whole body approach often means not only your presenting complaint gets better, but you as a whole person feel better. “I feel more like my old self” is one of the commonest statements people make after herbal treatment.

By correcting nutritional imbalance, encouraging positive lifestyle change, listening empathetically and blending your own unique herbal prescription Medical Herbalists are good at managing chronic grumbling problems that might not be getting better through any other means.

Herbal medicine though gentle and restorative can also be very potent and concurrent medical conditions and medications need to be considered. The recommendation is that you seek consultation for any condition that would usually warrant a visit to a GP rather than buying over-the counter remedies.

Food Detective Testing at Health Food and More

Food detective testing and various screening tests are available at Health Food and More for both our clinic clients and shop customers. One of the most popular services we offer is our Food Detective Intolerance Screen.

This test covers 59 foods and we have results within 45 minutes. Our tester takes a small blood sample using a finger prick test much like having a diabetes check done. It’s a fairly painless procedure and over very quickly. We only need two or three drops of blood to run the test.

This blood sample is run through two screening solutions and onto a dimple tray of food isolates and we watch for chemical reactions to take place with a colour change indicator. From this we can give you an idea about whether you are having a mild, medium or moderate IgG antibody response to particular foods or food groups.

Following the test you will get a report with your results and be given advice about what you should try to do to address any issues you may have. You might wish to make sensible dietary adjustments and we may suggest supplements such as probiotics or enzyme therapy if indicated by your results.

Testing under two years of age is not recommended and if you are on immunosuppressive treatment this may impact your results. In addition you need to be consuming suspect foods for at least a week before any testing is carried out.

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