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Ethical & Cruelty-Free Engagement Rings Handmade in Birmingham’s Famous Jewellery Quarter

Having been in the fine jewellery business for over 30 years we have a deep appreciation of what it takes to create exquisite, traditionally crafted rings. When disruptive innovations occur within an industry businesses have the option to either vehemently defend the status quo or to embrace the prospects of new technologies for the benefit of consumers and the wider world.

Our evolving values allowed us to recognise the need for change, so we set out to find a way of incorporating all of the positive aspects of traditional fine jewellery production that we knew, with a better alternative to mined diamonds. We looked to incorporate our values and the causes we support within our business.

Traditional companies around us cling to the past and fight against change whilst new entrants into the market look to capitalise on new diamond creation technologies but without any experience or appreciation for the honourable traditions of fine jewellery production. We created a company to embody our unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and progressive, man made, natural diamond alternatives.

Natural Diamond Harm:
​Diamond mining destroys the habitats of desperately endangered species and is responsible for an untold number of human rights abuses both past and present. Believing in the mystique and allure of natural diamonds is an outdated and harmful mindset. There really is nothing more harmful in the name of romance than a natural diamond engagement ring.

Ethical Engagement Rings:
​An engagement ring that is ethically responsible, sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty-free is a more compassionate way to symbolise your love. Opting for a lab created stone in line with your partner’s values is a far more loving gesture. Our UK made vegan-friendly engagement rings signify integrity and morality rather than the death and destruction of mined diamonds.

The Smarter Alternative:
MADE Diamonds are hand-cut stones made up of real man made diamond built onto a purpose built core which allows the quality of each stone to be highly regulated in order to consistently create high quality gemstones at a price point that represents real value. The result is a stone visually indistinguishable from a quality natural diamond at a fraction of the cost.

Technology can provide better solutions to replace products that do harm to people, animals and our planet. We believe it is every company’s responsibility to make it easier for people to shop ethically by creating better solutions that offer real value.

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