Mr. Peanut’s was started a few years ago while my Boston Terrier, Peanut, aka, Mr. Peanut, was going thru some late stage medical issues which led to kidney disease. Peanut had a charmed life, and I did not want his loss to be for naught. He inspired me to create a new kind of business, one which provides high quality, safe products for pets and humans alike, but also a compassionate business which gives as much as possible back to help other pets and animals of all kinds to live their lives free from human abuses.

Pay a Shelter Pet Forward, ie, is the charitable “arm” of the business, and thru this program I donate products and funds to rescues, shelters and animal benefit organizations of all kinds and sizes. I regularly donate products throughout the USA but also work with organizations that distribute products and needed aid to animals all around the world, as animals do not see national manmade borders.

The business goal for Mr. Peanut’s has always been, and will always be, to help animals of all kinds live abuse and torture free lives, simple as that, from cats and dogs to livestock and wildlife. All sentient animals deserve that from humans, and I will always fight the good fight.

Thank You For Helping Me To Help Them

Satisfaction Guarantee
A commitment to excellent products, and to your satisfaction with them. We are a family owned, USA business based in Henderson, Nevada and focus on cruelty free, environmentally friendly, ethically produced, top quality products and back them up with the best guarantee in commerce.

The difference ​for all products ​is the seller and how they ​ensure and ​handle your satisfaction with the product. Mr. Peanut’s stands behind every product we sell, and if you’re not happy with it we uphold a no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts, happiness guarantee. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Refund it. Replace it. Whatever it takes. Simple as that.

Best Sellers

The benefits and popularity of frameless soft sided pet carriers is their pliability and ability to conform to varying seat configurations of modern aircraft. All airlines actually have similar sizing requirements, and those are more stringently applied to the older hard shell pet carriers. All airlines will require your foot space to be cleared for takeoffs and landings, and your pet to stow under the seat in front of you. Virtually all airlines set their seats at an 8.5″ (21.6cm) height, although that will vary some with differing aircraft models and even where one sits. Most of my models ( not the Rhodium ) are easily pliable to be able to accommodate your pet with maximum space but yet conform to fit under the 8.5″ seat. Keep in mind, airline capable carriers are designed for your pet to be laying down, as most pets will need to do so to allow for fitting under the seat.

I always focus firstly on pet safety and comfort. I am never satisfied with any of the models, all are a constant evolution and I improve each with every production run over time based on user feedback and testing. There is a fine balance for soft sided pet carriers as we need it to be pliable for airline under seat compliance but also structured well for those times when we aren’t in the air.

Many Copy the Designs, None Copy the Quality

Welcome to Mr. Peanut’s. I know that most people who visit my store are attracted to the designs, but I also want to point out the main reason pet owners should consider my totes and carriers. I research and study the market closely, and for the most part I either see good quality carriers that are over priced, or even more so I see low quality knock offs that fall apart if the zippers even last that long. Don’t take a chance with bags that might be rejected or fall apart when you get to the airport. I design my airline capable tote models in consultation with representatives of the major airlines. Whether you’re traveling Delta, Southwest, Jetblue, American, United, Virgin, Alaska, Frontier, Allegiant, etc, my carrier models will allow you to travel in cabin with your favorite friend. Users often ask about “TSA”, “IATA” and “FAA” registered and the fact is that there are only guidelines for animals carried in the cargo holds of airliners, but these do NOT apply to in passenger cabin pet carriers. Always keep in mind each airline sets their own specific requirements, and they can even vary from their domestic, international and shuttle routes. All airlines have very similar sizing guidelines, and all will require your pet to be comfortable in the carrier, well ventilated and to remain under the seat in front of you during flight. The popularity of soft sided carriers stems from their adjustability to fit under the various seat configurations of modern aircraft, and I have designed all of my tote designs to have a pliable structure so that it can easily stow under the 8.5″ seat in front of you. Do keep in mind when you review an airlines size requirements that the exact dimensions provided are targeted for the older style “hard shell” carriers that could not conform to various seat configurations, hence the popularity of soft sided carriers which do comply by being pliable and able to conform to various space configurations.

What you want to look for in a tote or portable crate is the materials used, ie, the zippers, the fabric, the safety features and the comfort features. I work hard on our carriers and tote designs to bring out the best value for each model line I develop, each is actually hand made. I use only branded premium zippers that can be found on designer purses and jeans. I use water resistant materials that are also used in the production of military parachutes. I only use cruelty free human made materials such as vegan leatherette and faux fleece padding. On any tote always look them over for proper seatbelt attachments and metal safety locks or clasps. Look for a design structure that stands up straight without sagging and is well ventilated with a strong chew free mesh. I put as much as possible into development, materials and the finish to provide your pet with the absolute best comfort, safety and quality possible. We use our products with our own pets, and we test and improve our products constantly to provide you the absolute best quality at the most excellent everyday price possible. Even our no-frills packaging is designed to ensure your product is delivered as expected and to pass on the savings. Thank You for visiting.

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