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Creating a world without waste

In circular design, simplicity is key. There are two main materials that go into every single one of our fabrics: organic cotton, recycled cotton.

It all started in 2012 when Bert van Son founded MUD Jeans. With over 30 years’ experience in the fashion industry he has seen it all. He witnessed that life for factory workers is extremely demanding, and that the endless demands for material, due to exploded production, are ruining our planet. He wanted to do things differently.

Why jeans? Well, jeans are one of the most polluting items in fashion. Using 7.000 litres of water and nasty chemicals. With over 200.000 million jeans being sold yearly, the impact of recycling jeans and using organic cotton can be huge.

Mud Jeans

Bert believes that having fun without destroying the earth and its resources is possible. Together with his team, Bert transformed MUD Jeans into an exemplary circular fashion company, introducing the pioneering Lease a jeans model in 2013 and consistently putting the circular economy principles into practice.

Mud Jeans

In order to radically change the fashion industry, we focus on three pillars.

• Circular Economy
• Fair Production
• Positive Activism

Let’s all go circular?

There is one tiny challenge here. In order to make the circular economy an attractive proposition in fashion, recycled cotton would have to be cheaper than newly produced cotton, and not the other way around. However, this is not the case or rather, not yet. We take on the challenge. We want to be the pioneering brand showing the world that we can create a circular denim brand anyhow.

The MUD Method

By making jeans from recycled denim we avoid waste and cut down on water and CO2 use. Our jeans contain 40% recycled denim, we aim to launch the first jeans made from 100% post-consumer recycled denim.

Fair production
If something is surprisingly cheap, someone else, somewhere in the world, is paying for it. That’s why we keep our supply chain short. The denim experts in the factories earn above minimum wage. GOTS monitors that our farmers work under safe conditions.

Bye, old and dirty techniques used to create jeans. We eliminated PP spray, use Cradle2Cradle (C2C) indigo dye and our factory’s laundry recycles 95% of its water through reverse osmosis. Also, our paper tags are OEKO- TEX certified.

By conducting a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) we can share the exact environmental impact of every jeans in our collection. The LCA is carried out by Ecochain. Our frequent visits to our factories are always shared on social media and we answer all questions.

6 Collections a year? No. Our styles are seasonless and made to last. We want you to wear your MUD Jeans as long as possible. That’s why we make classic fits and only occasionally add a new fashionable style or colour.

CO2 neutral
Our jeans are CO2 neutral. We avoid on average 70% of Co2 emission in production when compared to average values. The remaining Co2 produced across all business processes is offset via the Blue dot offsetting programs.

Send old jeans
We take back pre-loved denim, whatever brand they are from. They just need to be made from 96% cotton or more. New customers get €10,- off their purchase or a month free lease and we’ll recycle your old jeans into new, cool denim.

Lease a jeans
Do you really need to be the owner of the jeans you are wearing? By renting your jeans for €9,95 per month you pay for the performance of the jeans, while we stay the owners of the raw material and get them back at the end of life.

Conventional cotton is one of the thirstiest and chemical-intensive crops to grow. We use GOTS certified organic cotton which has the least impact on the environment and the people wearing them. Meaning: no pesticides or insecticides are used.

At MUD Jeans we have a holistic approach to caring. We care about the environment, the people and also the animals, that’s why our jeans consist of recycled & organic cotton and we use printed labels instead of leather patches. We are even Peta Vegan approved.

Let’s not forget…
your sexy butt
> Classic Fits
> Good Quality
> Natural Materials
> No Waste
> Sexy Butt

Frontrunners in circular denim

We’re the world’s first circular denim brand. By applying the principles of the circular economy we’re reducing our environmental footprint.

• We saved 533 million litres of water in the last 4 years
• We avoided 1 million kilos of CO2 in the last 4 years
• ln 2019 alone we have preserved 160,000 m2a of land
• We saved 20.000 jeans from landfill and incineration in the last 4 years

To produce one pair of MUD Jeans we use 581 litres of water, compared to an industry standard of 7,000 litres. So, your jeans save 6,419 litres of water. This is made possible by the water recycling plants and innovative washing techniques at our factories.

MUD Jeans are carbon neutral. Producing one pair of MUD Jeans emits 7,14kg of CO2. This is 70% less than industry standard. The savings come from the use of low energy production techniques, land and water transportation and the use of recycled cotton. Our efforts don’t stop here, since 2016 we’ve been offsetting our emissions and are therefore carbon neutral.

On average a pair of MUD Jeans uses 47% less land than industry standard. Land occupation, whether urban or agricultural, has an impact on natural land and its ecosystems. A pair of MUD Jeans only uses 5,16 m2a of which 99% is agricultural land. By using up to 40% recycled cotton in our jeans we are able to lower our use of organic cotton and by extension our use of land and impact on biodiversity.

We’ve already turned 20,000 jeans into new denim. With our take-back scheme we collect jeans that consist of more than 96% cotton. In collaboration with the denim experts at Recover and Tijedos Royo in Valencia new denim fabrics are made, containing 40% post-consumer recycled cotton.

With a team of world-class experts in recycling we manage to close our own loop. Our new jeans contain up to 40% post-consumer recycled denim. The highest percentage out there.

Our goal is to design the first jeans made from 100% post-consumer recycled cotton.

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