Noani stands for “no animal”, and not without reason: fair fashion requires empathy and social responsibility!

We manufacture fashionable and timeless accessories such as vegan belts and vegan sneakers from innovative and sustainable materials. For us it goes without saying that neither humans, animals nor the environment should suffer for the manufacture of our products! But we also want to show that responsibly manufactured accessories can look absolutely modern – and that with high quality and durability!


Nobody should suffer or be exploited for the manufacture of our products. We therefore prefer local producers and materials wherever possible. Our vegan sneakers and belts are made in a small factory in Italy and Spain, our vegan sneakers in Portugal, where more and more fair fashion is being produced.

In production, transparency and social responsibility towards the workers also play an important role, from fiber production to delivery to us. All steps in the manufacturing process meet minimum social criteria based on the core standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO). The standards include, for example, free choice of employment, a ban on child labor and the payment of minimum wages.

We find it worrying that people, animals and the environment have to suffer because new, cheaply and irresponsibly produced clothes and accessories are constantly being thrown onto the market. Customers should buy, buy, buy, and that’s why from production to sale: the main thing is cheap! Unfortunately, cheap goods have a high price. However, it is not the buyers who have to pay, but the workers in the fields and in the factories, in the tanneries and dye works.

Made in Europe
fair working conditions
instead of exploitation!

Of course, cheap goods are mainly produced where wages are lowest, in countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam or India. There people work under the worst conditions with low wages, and even child labor is not uncommon.

A mixture of greed for profit, exploitation, corruption and negligence brings suffering and death to thousands of people every year, but unfortunately the majority of consumers overlook it – for them only the (low) purchase price is decisive.

Below you can find out more about our materials …

Just Organic


Our basic material “APPLESKIN” consists of 50% leftovers from the apple industry, which are dried and then ground to a fine apple powder. The powder is then mixed up to 50% with PU (polyurethane) and applied to a tear-resistant roll with cotton fabric. The rolls are then heated for their weather resistance and resilience and finally embossed with our surface structure. Our “APPLESKIN” is made from 50% apple residues through an upcycling process. In addition, our “APPLESKIN” is Öko-Text Standard 100 and certified.


The eucalyptus fibers we use are grown in sustainable forestry and with a closed cycle without the use of genetic manipulation or pesticides. The eucalyptus fiber has an unsurpassed strength profile with extremely low use of energy and water.


The pineapple fibers we use are strong, versatile, breathable, soft, light and flexible. That’s why they can be processed wonderfully: into fashionable accessories such as belts, sneakers or even car seat covers. The pineapple fiber is a by-product of the pineapple harvest, it is obtained from the leaves of the pineapple plant. Neither pesticides nor additional water are required for production. It is therefore particularly sustainable, and production is based on the cradle-to-cradle concept.


Polyester is widespread in the clothing industry because the material is hard-wearing, elastic, crease-resistant and easy to care for. We only use recycled polyester in the production of our belts, because this uses significantly less water and energy than normal polyester. In addition, of course, less waste is generated when polyester is reused.

Sustainability starts with the selection of environmentally friendly raw materials. Animals, the environment and people suffer for the production of leather. We would like to do that differently. The alternative of using cheap and less sustainable materials such as artificial leather is not an alternative for us. Instead, we use innovative materials such as eucalyptus and pineapple fibers as well as recycled polyester. Fair, green and ecological, this is what the future looks like for us!

If you deal with the manufacture of leather products, you often come across sad images. Animals pay for fashion accessories with their skin and their lives. Over a billion animals are slaughtered every year so that clothing, accessories and furniture can be made from their skins. The poor conditions in which the animals are kept are another factor. Most of the leather products are tanned in the tanneries of the low-wage countries with toxic chrome. This not only puts a heavy burden on the local workers, but also on the environment: The groundwater is contaminated, and the risk of cancer for people who work in tanneries or who live nearby increases immensely.

Fortunately, there are sustainable alternatives that protect people, animals and the environment. When you think of vegan leather, you probably first think of artificial leather. However, we didn’t just want to use cheap synthetic leather made from petroleum, we wanted to use really sustainable raw materials. Noani belts and sneakers are made from eucalyptus and pineapple fibers as well as recycled polyester.

Vegan fashion
not for every price

The idea for “Noani” already existed in 2014, but it took us over 1.5 years to finally find the right materials and manufacturers to turn our vision of innovative, long-lasting and naturally vegan accessories into reality. We didn’t just want to have the next cheap imitation leather belts produced in low-wage countries, but instead want innovation and sustainability at all levels – from the choice of materials to the working conditions of the people who make our products. We believe we succeeded.

Environmentally friendly

Our collection of vegan belts and sneakers is made from apple fiber, eucalyptus fiber, pineapple fiber and other environmentally friendly materials.


Innovation and sustainability at all levels – from the selection of raw materials to the working conditions of the people who make our products every day.


Classic vegan fashion and high quality: We show that responsibly produced accessories can look modern and beautiful in every respect.

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