Would you like to live your life to the fullest, while embracing sustainability, your wellbeing and your values?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all you have to do?

Do you need help with your work-life balance?

Do you want to be introduced to social occasions, special events, fabulous cuisine and the possibility of connecting with like minded individuals?

If you can answer “YES” to any of these questions, then PhytoLuxury Vegan Lifestyle Management can help you.


• Would you like to receive advice on dining options which meet your tastes, allergies or dietary requirements?
• Do you want to discover exciting restaurants around the world?
• Would you be excited to unearth new and innovative food products to enrich and enhance your taste buds?
• Would you be interested in finding compelling food experiences such as cooking demonstrations, food tours and classes?

PhytoLuxury is what you need to nurture all your gastronomy desires.


• Do you need help to find the perfect services to enhance your mind, body and spirit?
• Would you be pleased to find relaxing spas, wellness experts, guided meditations sessions, retreats and more?

PhytoLuxury is here to help with your wellbeing goals.


• Do you face difficulties finding brands and products that respect your values?
• Are you too busy to read every single label?
• Do you need help finding and purchasing the perfect gift?
• Do you dislike shopping or just want to spend your time doing something else?

PhytoLuxury provides assistance with sourcing and shopping to all its worldwide members. We can introduce you to exciting products, services and brands.


• Are you tired of going through endless vacation websites?
• Have you found the perfect destination but you are not sure how to organize your holidays there?
• Do you want to be sure that the hotel, dining options and activities you will experience during your vacation will be close to your values?

PhytoLuxury offers a bespoke service that takes away the hassle and offers personalized travel, accommodation and entertainment that suits your values and your needs.


• Do you want to be sure that your donations go to where it matters the most?
• Do you want to be sure that the organizations you give to really align with your values?

PhytoLuxury can help you with your philanthropic objectives.


PhytoLuxury provides vegan lifestyle management service which includes restaurants and food experiences recommendations, holiday bookings and wellness suggestions.


PhytoLuxury was established in 2021 by Parisian Natacha Adjovi to support, care and empower people who want a more sustainable life and connect with like-minded people.


PhytoLuxury is a members-only lifestyle management service. It offers private and corporate memberships that include special rates on hotels and other reservations, recommendations on restaurants, ethical gifts, and other services.


PhytoLuxury Natacha Adjovi

Natacha Adjovi is the founder of Phytoluxury. She created the company for the following reasons:

• Vegan lifestyle is immensely rewarding but can be very time consuming and complex.
• Vegan food is delicious and flavoursome but a whole new way of cooking needs to be learnt to discover its richness.
• Products and services need to be examined to be sure that they respect the vegan philosophy.
• Vegans love to connect but vegan life can be lonely if there are no vegans around.

Natacha Adjovi is passionate about veganism and sees this philosophy as a solution to many of the problems on the planet.

She created PhytoLuxury to support, care and empower people who want a more sustainable life and connect with like-minded people.

Natacha has a background in business and an extensive experience in hospitality/tourism having worked for companies such as Disney and Hilton.

She is from Paris (France), and has a lovely French accent.

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