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You Wouldn’t Walk Barefoot. Why Should They?

City Shoes™ are the # 1 urban dog boot, protecting paws from hot pavement, sand, ice, salt and dirt.


City Shoes ™ were created to protect paws from burns from hot surfaces like pavement, asphalt and sand. They also keep paws safe from salt and other chemicals used in the winter.

Our patent pending design combines lightweight breathable fabrics, mesh and a heat resistant sole. Their open-back makes them a breeze to slip on and reflective velcro strap provides a secure fit to stay put, even when your pooch is on the run. Durable rubber sole delivers traction and protection all year round.

Winter can be just as dangerous to dog’s paws as the summer. The chemical Sodium Chloride which is used to melt ice and snow on most city streets can create serious and painful problems for paws.

“Most ice-melt products are a skin irritant,” says Erika Loftin, a veterinarian and critical care specialist at DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. “Depending on the materials used, the chemicals can cause dryness, cracking and even burns to a dog’s pads.”

Equally dangerous is if salt is inadvertently ingested.

“If a dog licks their paws after walking on it, they can ingest the ice-melt chemicals, which can be toxic,” Loftin notes.

City Shoes rubber sole boots keep paws off the sidewalk and away from dangerous chemicals and also prevent snow and ice from gathering between toes which has the potential of leading to frostbite.

Poochy Pawz was founded by long time friends and animal lovers, Suzanne Gardner and Deborah Lechter.

As city dog owners, they were concerned with how scorching the pavement becomes in hot weather, and how dangerous it is for dogs to be in contact with it for more than a few seconds.

Dog Booties were the obvious solution but surprisingly, none were specifically designed for those hot days. Available winter boots, were much too hot and clunky for a dog to wear in the heat. Unable to find anything suitable, and after consulting with textile experts they designed City Shoes, ™ the world’s first dog bootie made to protect paws from hot surfaces.

City Shoes™ are made from breathable lightweight fabrics which allow proper airflow. The rubber sole is heat resistant.

With an eye for style and humor, the duo also wanted the designs to be one of a kind and as much about fashion as function. Custom fabrics were created in Toronto by Suzanne, a renowned artist, with the attention to detail that every fashionista dog or dog mom is looking for.

The team believes dogs should walk in step with their humans every day.

Our Fabrics

Poochy Pawz spent months working with a textile specialist to come up with the right design for City Shoes™. The goal was to provide protection while allowing air flow and breathability without the bulk.

The result is a lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking bootie that delivers protection and serious style.

The upper part is made of a stretchy and lightweight fabric, with integrated mesh panels for ventilation. These signature fabrics keep their form while still providing maximum breathability. The strap is made from reflective material for added safety.

The rubber sole is heat resistant and offers protection against hot surfaces and other elements. It’s non- slip, and combines high elasticity and softness so that it bends freely.

At the same time, the team wanted prints that would look fantastic and work with the chosen fabrics. Poochy Pawz designer prints are all created in Toronto by artist Suzanne Gardner, who was inspired by every day street scenes and urban landscapes. The final results are one of a kind designs that are as fashionable as they are functional.

Poochy Pawz is committed to helping all dogs worldwide.

One of our main reasons for creating this company is to be able to drive awareness of adopting shelter or rescue animals and donating funds to some of these worthy organizations.

We’ve worked for over 20 years with rescues, shelters and other organizations dedicated to improving the lives of animals. We’ve also worked to change and enact legislation against animal abuse.

Many of the dogs used as our models are local rescue or shelter dogs. Some have found wonderful homes and their stories are included below. Others are still waiting for their forever homes. You can change an animal’s whole world and find your new best friend!

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4.9/ 5

My dog loves these boots even though he hates wearing boots. Within a few seconds he didn’t even remember he was wearing them. I love them because they’re easy to put on and his paws are protected from hot sidewalks. I recommend these boots but make sure to measure your dogs paw to get the right size.

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