From our three founders chancing upon each other at the bottom of Chile one windy mid-nineties summer, to hosting the official European launch of the world’s most ambitious conservation project 20 years on, Pura Aventura has come a long way.

Whilst our map has grown, our team expanded and our hair turned greyer, what hasn’t changed is our belief that travel can be transformative. This is our story, our team and our mission to make Travel Positive. Whether you want to travel with us, collaborate with us or work for us, we’d love you to be a part of it.

Over the past 21 years, we have gradually expanded out from Patagonia to offer more of Latin America as well as Spain, Portugal and Antarctica. However, we remain, at heart, a family business. Admittedly, it’s a modern, pan-European blended affair, but it feels like a family. Our community absolutely extends to our partners overseas and to our clients, many of whom we count as friends. When we share a place, it is more usually the case that we are brokering an introduction between our guests and our partners. This is what we mean by personal.

In late 2019 Pura Aventura hosted the European launch of Patagonia’s Route of Parks, the world’s most ambitious conservation tourism project. From Puerto Montt to Cape Horn, it covers 2,700km of southern South America, 28 million acres protected in 17 national parks, encompassing 24 ecosystems, 200 species of birds and mammals and home to 60 communities. It is exactly where, and why, Pura Aventura started. Patagonia is second only to the Amazon in terms of carbon sequestration from our atmosphere, preserving it through thoughtful small-scale tourism is of vital importance. This is what we mean by planet positive.

What we do, how and where we do it all still speaks to that original debt of gratitude sparked by the kindness of strangers, the excitement of discovery and the beauty of nature.*

*If you are imagining an office thick with incense and whale song, don’t. We may be a values driven organisation but that doesn’t stop us being diverse, smart and experienced. It also doesn’t stop us laughing, a lot. Pura Aventura is a business built around delivering great value to its clients whilst also looking after our team, our partners and our planet.

“To do good, you actually have to do something.”
~Yvon Chouinard Patagonia Inc

Travel Positive:
Travel Positive is all about creating holidays which are great for you, great for local people and great for our planet.

As one of the first travel companies in the UK to certify as a B Corp, we believe in travel as a force for good. Your holiday will have a positive impact on the planet, the people you meet and the places you visit.

Since July 2019 we’ve operated what The Independent has described as “one of the travel industry’s most ambitious carbon mitigation plans”, funded by our commitment to use 1% of our revenue to create a positive environmental legacy.

For every kilometre you travel with us by air, road and sea on our holidays, from your front door and back again, we carbon compensate by a mile. That’s 160% of your trip’s carbon mitigated.

All of our partners receive a fair local wage. And because we work directly with the majority, they keep 100% of the money we pay, rather than having it diluted by intermediaries. In rural areas where opportunities are scarce, this small scale tourism allows local people to stay in local employment.

By accessing more national parks and biosphere reserves, your visit creates a financial imperative which preserves ecosystems long term. Better still, your money helps fund conservation projects such as those which returned Bearded vultures to the Picos mountains and pumas to the grasslands of Patagonia.

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