Our company was born out of THE love and passion for each other, which was equally matched by our love and passion for mother Earth and our drive to create a positive impact in our world. Simply Nature was born green, created by truly conscious minds, engaged in the lifestyle of an ethical world. We founded Simply Nature Bio Goods in November 2016.

The process of creating biojewels starts at the collection of the organic materials, acquired in the Brazilian Amazon rain-forest by local farmers. These guys are very familiar with the life cycle of each species of tree, and so they schedule the collection of our goods during the time periods that best suit each species in order to not cause any negative effects in their natural cycle. Also a high percentage (almost 60%) of the goods are collected from trees and branches that have naturally fallen to the ground due to wind, rain, etc.

After the collection, they preserve the natural beauty of each piece, by natural processes called desiccation and skelletization. After this first step, a second group of local Artisans handles the metallization and gold bathing processes.The whole process is certified by the IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environmental and Renewable Natural Resources).

We firmly believe that environmental consciousness needs to be spread by every human being. All of us on Earth are responsible for the conservation of our planet, thus, it is an essential value of Simply Nature Bio Goods to ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly creation of its pieces. Our company concerns itself with the preservation of the environment in all stages of the manufacturing process of bio jewels. Simply Nature prioritizes conscious consumption thru the treatment and reuse of the water used in the creation process and also reducing production losses under the supervision of qualified professionals. We create hypoallergenic metals by fusing Sterling Silver and Brass (Free of Nickel and Cadmium) and providing them a sparkling finish with 23 layers of 18k gold.

Simply Nature offers a high quality product that protects the environment and does not harm the consumer.
In order to take care of the health of our customers and keeping up with our values; we DO NOT use nickel or cadmium in our metallization processes. These metals are commonly used in the production of plated jewelry worldwide; however, these elements come with added toxicity and studies have shown they are carcinogenic. Rest assure you will not have to think about these dangers when purchasing our bio jewels.

Our packaging is made with 99% recycled eco-friendly materials. Each package is customized and carefully put together for you! In the package you will find: biojewelry care instructions , our certificate of authenticity, and of course your Biojewel piece of art . As a special touch, you will also find an info card, sharing specific characteristics of the chosen plant. On top of this, together with the tags, you will find fun, decorative seeded paper; which you can plant, water and grow pretty wildflowers at home! This is our way of bringing our green message into your everyday life.

We are deeply committed to spreading environmental consciousness as well as helping the local community. And in order to really make an impact we also think the best way is to “do it yourself”. We are currently members of the Seeds Savers Exchange program. They are a non-profit organization that conserves and promotes the US’s endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by gathering, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants. We are super excited to participate in their program and start producing our own organic seeds in order to share them with the world! This is an AWESOME method they call participatory preservation. The most important part about this method is that gives the opportunity to anyone with a small backyard/balcony to grow some plants/seeds at home and provide the local farmers with organic seeds that now have adapted to that particular area.

Helping the homeless local community is something in which we were always engaged, specially back in our home countries where the number of homeless kids is much bigger than here. Simply Nature Bio Goods saves $3 from each sale to give as many homeless people we can, a goody bag during the holidays. We love the awesomeness of going out to the street and making someones holiday time just a little bit better!

The world is changing; us millennial are built to care and act, thus, WE are changing the world.
Not buying from unethical, profit driven enterprises is the easiest form of stepping up for yourself in an deficient/broken system. And then, creating new, better and eco-friendly options for the people is the next step. In this particular goal we are setting ourselves apart from today’s standard company models.
We have a system in which you are able to send your timeless piece back to us and acquire a credit towards a new piece from any of our lines, along with this is our UP-CYCLED Home decor Eco-Art line, which is already on its baby steps. So all pieces that are being brought back to us, are transformed and made into new art. Which means that very little and often 0 (zero) waste is generated by our company thanks to this business model. This model is often referred to as a CIRCULAR MODEL.

We are super motivated about achieving our mission of becoming a global leader in an upgraded Circular Economy and we definitely need the help of you all to make it happen. So lets joint our drives and together we will have a better, more ethical, eco friendly, beautiful planet Earth!

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