Facial Aesthetics Food. World’s First Supplement for Skin & Facial Bone Support.

Our Founder is a qualified Facialist, and her love of the superfood ingredient Sea Buckthorn “beauty” berry combined with her goal of creating an effective supplement that promotes skin health and anti-ageing inspired her to develop FACIAL AESTHETICS FOOD™. The active ingredients are what she would take as three separate supplements as a beauty-boost to her regular multivitamin. Now you can take all 3 ingredients in Facial Aesthetics Food, for ease and cost effectiveness!

Facial Aesthetics Food™ is The World’s First Supplement for Skin & Facial Bone Support. Nourish and repair your skin barrier function for clear, hydrated skin… Supercharge your Collagen production/stability for plump, smooth skin… Maintain your Silica levels to protect your youthful facial contours.

Better still, it’s vegan and gluten-free. All in all, a great way to level-up your beauty regime!

✔️ Support clear skin and skin renewal.
✔️ Plant-based anti-oxidants help boost skin moisture.
✔️ Enhance natural Collagen production/stability for smooth, plump skin.
✔️ Reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
✔️ Support facial bone to help prevent hollow/dark under eye circles, hooded brows, sagging skin and loss of definition in cheeks, chin and jawline.

Bonus benefits
✔️ Hair and nail support.
✔️ Smoother make-up application.
✔️ Promote healthy teeth.

Active Ingredients:

Sea Buckthorn “beauty” berry for skin health
The Sea Buckthorn “beauty” berry is derived from a superfood with a unique profile of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help to strengthen and protect your skin’s natural barrier to keep water in for moisture, and acne causing bacteria out.

Silica for facial bone health
From our early twenties, our facial skeleton starts to shrink. The beauty mineral Silica helps to support your facial bone matrix. Signs of facial bone loss include:

1. Eye socket – dark circles, hollow ring around the eyes and hooded eyebrows.
2. The midface – loss of definition in the cheeks.
3. Jawline & chin – chin recession and weak contours which can eventually lead to sagging skin and double chin.

Silica is also an essential mineral that is necessary for Collagen synthesis.
Is supplementing with Marine/Bovine Collagen ineffective? Try Silica!

Vitamin C for anti-ageing support
Silica and Vitamin C work hand-in-hand in terms of Collagen support. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin Collagen is essential for the normal function of the skin as it gives the skin its structure and strength. An ample Collagen supply helps our skin to be smooth, plump and firm.

Why only 3 active ingredients?

There is only a certain amount of space in one capsule and we want to give you the relevant levels of each ingredient. We didn’t cram in lots of ingredients in levels too small for visible results. We have selected three targeted ingredients, in levels which we think will give you the best results.

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