Everything We Make Has an Impact on the Planet

Worn Wear is Patagonia’s hub for keeping gear in play.

Why extend the life of gear? Because the best thing we can do for the planet is cut down on consumption and get more use out of stuff we already own.

Join us to repair, share and recycle your gear.

One of the most responsible things we can do as a company is make high-quality stuff that lasts for years, so you don’t have to buy more of it.

Buying used extends a garment’s life by about two years, which cuts its combined carbon, waste, and water footprint by 82%. (ThredUp)

The Industry Is a Waste, And It’s Getting Worse

Buy. Use. Throw away. Buy more. Fast, disposable fashion is wasteful by design. Consumers buy 60% more items of clothing and keep them for about half as long as they did 15 years ago.*

*According to a 2016 report by McKinsey & Company that looked at consumer spending and clothing production from 2000 to 2014.

We’re Recycling Our Way to Lower Emissions
This season, 64% of our materials are made from recycled fibers. Switching to recycled allowed us to avoid 3,000 metric tons of CO₂e, enough to power 350 homes for one year.

We Grow Our Cotton Organically
Since 1996, all the virgin cotton in our line has been grown organically, without the use of harmful chemicals (and we make clothes with recycled cotton, too). By using organic cotton, we save water and reduce CO₂ emissions by 45% compared to conventional cotton.

We’re Changing How We Grow Food and Fiber
We are investing in and testing ways to improve soil health and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere through Regenerative Organic practices.

We Care for Our Workers
We are dedicated to improving conditions for our workers. This season, 82% of our line is Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, impacting more than 72,000 workers.

We Keep Gear In Play
The best thing we can do for the planet is to stop buying new clothes and get more use out of stuff we already own, cutting down on consumption. Our Worn Wear program does just that.

We’re letting go of virgin materials.
Extracting and processing virgin materials takes a toll on land, water and air. To do our part, Patagonia is moving toward 100% renewable and recycled raw materials. By using both synthetic and natural fibers made from pre-consumer and postconsumer waste, we are limiting our dependence on raw materials and reducing carbon emissions.

We Need Industry-Wide Change

Less than 1% of used clothing is recycled into new clothing every year. To truly make an impact, we need industry-wide change. If the clothing industry used recycled materials to make their clothing at the same rate as Patagonia, we could reduce CO₂e emissions by the equivalent of what’s emitted from powering every household in California for one year.*

*In one year, Patagonia has avoided the emissions of approximately 20,000 tons of CO2e by using recycled content. If we in the clothing industry all did this together, we could remove 114,000,000 tons of CO₂e. According to the EPA emissions calculator, that is equal to the amount of CO₂e that results from the energy used in around 13,651,060 homes. According to census data, the total number of households in California is 13 million.

68% of our line this season is made with recycled materials.

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