Writing A Review

Ready To Write A Review?

Ethic Earth™ is not only for searching ethical products and services. We are also a community-based platform that encourages authentic user reviews of ethical alternatives to really just about anything. We boast many different categories that users can  review based on personal experience. You have to be logged in as a user to write a review.

Why should I write a review?
Writing honest and relevant reviews, helps other consumers make informed choices, and helps business owners stay competitive by creating better services, products, and business practices.
What should my review include?

Be honest, stay relevant to the business you are reviewing and what they offer, and make your review as personal as possible.

Tell it as you find it.

Ask yourself whether your review would have helped you as a potential customer using the relevant product or service for the first time.

Good reviews are all about the details. Tell others about your favorite products, dishes, or services, or perhaps  about what you didn’t like.

Review customer service. Did the company go the extra mile for you?

Let the business and other consumers know whether you will be back for more.

What should I not include in a review?

Don’t write a review that is not accurate and genuinely based upon your personal experience.

Avoid bias, unfair criticism or unnecesary speculative opinions such as “I bet you they are lying about the ingredients on their label”.

Although we do not remove honest reviews or comments, we will consider removing irrelevant nonsense not based upon factual findings.

Please Keep In Mind:

We can encourage and grow a global caring community by being supportive, encouraging, and leading by example.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

DO: Read the description and ingredients carefully, and don’t buy products that don’t suit your specific needs.

DO NOT: Write nasty reviews about companies or people just because your belief system differs from theirs.

DO: Rate services and products for what they offer on their pages.

DO NOT: Write negative reviews about companies just because they do not offer what you personally want them to offer.

DO: Only use companies and products that support your belief system – read up carefully about what a company offers before using their services and products.

DO NOT: Write a bad review because you bought a product you thought was something it was not because you did not properly look at the description offered by the company.

DO: Let us know if products or services are advertising falsely, or not living up to our list of specifications for listing on our site.

DO NOT: Use our site to start a campaign war about your particular cause –  that is not what we are here for.

DO: Let companies know if you like their products, and recommend them to others.

PLEASE DO: Offer kind and useful opinions or suggestions by sending businesses private mails, instead of starting a public feud about your difference in opinion.

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